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Best Dog Leash 5 Feet

Walking your dog is a daily task that, in an ideal world, is fun and easy for both of you. Investing in the right leash can make it even easier and more comfortable.

Denise, dog expert, stated: “There’s two things to look for in a good leash: a comfortable grip and sturdiness. Pick something that holds up to chewing and pulling, even if your dog doesn’t do either of those often.”

Best Dog Leash 5 Feet

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How to Find The Best Dog Leash 5 Feet For Your dog

Walk A Long Way with Five Foot Dog Leash: A Buying Guide

A walk in the park is a nice way of killing time every once in a while, not to mention that it can also burn a little fat if you break some sweat. On top of that, it’s fun to do these activities with our favorite furry companion. Surely, they will never say no to an opportunity to go and play outside while enjoying our company―but once they step foot outside, it can be a little difficult to control them. A dog leash is necessary not only for this kind of situation, but can also help with their basic training and for you, your dog, and others’ safety.

Does My Dog Need a 5-Foot Long Dog Leash?

A dog leash that is five foot long is commonly used for leisure walks in wide, public places such as parks, or those with low foot traffic areas. The length allows them to roam around freely on a certain distance, but not too long for the cord to be tangled.

Using a leash whenever we go out for a walk with our fur baby is not only to keep them from straying away from us, but also to prevent them from chasing other people or animals, eat scraps of food from the sidewalk, and avoid road accidents.

Types of Dog Leash Cord

The type of cord for your dog leash has its own specific purpose. It usually comes in three basic types, which are essential to note considering what kind of canine activity you and your pup will use it for. 

  • Standard Dog Leash

The standard type is what we commonly see in our local pet stores. It is built on a fixed length, which makes it easy to handle because of its solid and straightforward design that lets you control your pooch better. This type usually comes in a braided style.

  • Retractable Dog Leash

This type of dog leash is perfect for dogs who like to roam around calmly. However, take note that even if your furry friend can be a bit shy, anything from their surroundings can trigger their excitement. The length of this dog leash can extend up to twenty-six feet, but you can always adjust it to your desired length. 

You have to be careful when using this type since the adjustable length can be a slight of a disadvantage when your dog suddenly bolts away and keeps the long leash going foot after foot―which can pose a danger to you and your pet.

  • Adjustable Dog Leash

Adjustable dog leash is a combination of both the standard and the retractable type. You can easily change the length of the leash cord according to your preference or type of canine activity Fido is about to do. This can be done by simply adding or removing clips or loops along with the cord itself.

Buying Guidelines for Choosing the Best Five Foot Long Dog Leash

As we look for the best five foot long dog leash in the market, we should carefully pay attention to each of their details; and to help you with that, here are some important features you might want to consider before purchasing.

  • Material

The type of material may depend on which type of dog leash you prefer. The common types of materials in the market are leather, nylon, and chain. 

Leather is considerably expensive for its high-quality and strong durability. Nylon, on the other hand, is the most popular material used for dog leashes. It is sturdy enough as well but is cheaper than actual leather. Meanwhile, the chain is ideal for any persistent chewer. The only downside is that it can be a little heavy. Standard type dog leashes are usually made from these materials.

  • Durability 

In order to make your beloved furry friend’s leash last longer for more walks in the park, you have to look out for its durability―especially if they love to chew on things. There are specific heavy-duty dog leashes in the market, but simply paying attention to its material will guarantee its durability.

As mentioned from the materials above, leather and nylon are not very resistant to chewing, but they can definitely last a long time, while chains can withstand your dog’s strong teeth and jaw.

  • Comfortability 

While durability is important, we also have to consider the dog leash’s level of comfort carefully. It can come in both ways: your pooch’s comfort while on a leash and your grip to the leash’s handle. 

Handles with cushions are great, especially if your pup likes to pull constantly. In turn, you pull the leash to control them. 

  • Design 

Although some fur parents do not really mind what kind of style or which color the leash of their fur babies is, the design actually has a great significance. Not only does it contribute to the style, but it can also be a way of increasing your visibility on a busy street, particularly those near the roads. Dog leashes with reflective strips can certainly help prevent accidents from happening. 

The usual walks with your favorite furry companion will be so much better and more enjoyable without accidents or unwanted disasters heading your way. They always say that prevention is better than cure. So as responsible fur parents, we should be able to limit their overly-excited adventures in an environment larger than our homes and ensure their safety, all while relishing the wonders of the outside world.

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