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Best Dog GPS Trackers

Any fur parent knows how curious and adventurous their baby can be, which can sometimes lead to trouble. If your pup goes missing, you can rest assured they’ll return safely when you have a GPS tracker. These devices are the perfect way to keep track of your dog, even when you can’t see them. Many of these devices work in any terrain, even in remote areas, to give you one less thing to worry about.

Lifelong dog owner, Julia Yoo, said, “As a pet parent, the safety of my fur baby is of the utmost importance. One of the first things I suggest to any new parent is to get a dog GPS tracker. These trackers help you pinpoint your pup if they unexpectedly gets loose.”

Best Dog GPS Trackers

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How to Find The Best Dog GPS Trackers For Your dog


Dogs are generally active and inquisitive balls of fur which makes them enjoyable to have because you will rarely have a dull moment whenever you are with your pooch. However, their energetic behaviors can sometimes be a headache for fur-parents. Since dogs are curious and adventurous creatures, they can often get lost in their little escapades. More often than not, this leads to your dogs getting lost or stolen and in order to prevent this from happening to your family, you should invest in a dog GPS tracker.

Who Needs a Dog GPS Tracker

  •       Pet Owners with a Large Land Area

If you own a piece of land that’s large enough that you won’t see it all at a glance, then you need a better way to keep an eye on your dog because it might get easily lost around your real estate especially if you have an adventurous pooch. Since most dogs are curious little creatures, they might accidentally wander off and find themselves in an area that’s hard to reach or places where they shouldn’t go. If you’re going to let your dog explore a large tract of land, you might as well equip it with a GPS tracker that lets you know if your dog has strolled into a restricted section of your property.

  •       Hyperactive Dogs

There are several breeds of dogs that have immense speed while some dogs are super energetic and adventurous. Collies, greyhounds, Labradors, Huskies, and other big breeds are fond of running and exploring and you are in no position to hold them back when they want to go outside because they tend to cause havoc when they get too bored and frustrated. It’s best to just let them out while making sure that they keep safe and within the limits of your GPS tracker.

  •       Hunters and Rescuers

While some breeds love active play and horsing around, dogs such as Spaniels and Hounds are very persistent hunters once they set their minds on something. If you go into the woods with your dog, it’s best to have a tracker on them so you won’t have to worry about them getting lost. Some dogs are also trained as rescuers and these furry heroes will go through anything to get to the survivors. A GPS tracker is an essential tool for such dogs because you’re not only ensuring the safety of your pet, you might also be saving another person’s life.


What to Look For in Dog GPS Trackers

  •       Activity Tracking

A good GPS tracker should mainly have great accuracy, but it’s also an ideal option to get one with several activity-tracking features. Since you mostly use GPS trackers for dogs with great bouts of energy, you’ll also want to be informed of their fitness levels just like any wearable technology.

  •       Weatherproof

If you’re investing in a dog GPS tracker, it’s important that you get one that is able to withstand water and sun damage since your dog will most likely be spending much of its time outside. Additionally, we recommend getting a dustproof and shockproof dog GPS tracker if your pooch likes to play rough.

  •       Alert System

In choosing the right GPS tracker for your furry friend, it’s essential that you set a “safe zone” in which your pet can roam inside. You should be able to customize a notification system that will alert you once your pet steps outside the safe zone so you’ll know when you should follow your dog. The ease of connecting the system to your smartphone or any other device is also an important feature for ease of use.

  •       Battery Life

Aside from durability, battery life is also an important factor to consider when choosing a dog GPS tracker because it would be hard for you to track your dog if the signal disappears. You can choose between rechargeable batteries or ones that are equipped to last for several months.

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