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Best Dog Crates For Large Dogs 42 inch

A dog crate is a good investment—that is, if you buy the right one that matches your lifestyle and your pup’s needs. You can use it to potty train your pooch and keep them safe while traveling. You can also use it in training to prevent unwanted behaviors such as chewing furniture and barking out the window when you have to leave your dog home without supervision.

Keep reading to learn more about the best 42-inch crates for large dogs.

Best Dog Crates For Large Dogs 42 inch

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How to Find The Best Dog Crates For Large Dogs 42 inch For Your dog

Pet Crates for Large Dogs

Crates are used by pet owners as an effective management system for training dogs to learn how to behave inside the house, prevent destructive behaviour, and settle and relax. If crate training is properly done, your dog can learn to love the tool instead of being intimidated by it. One of the best ways to crate train your dog is using an approach that is built around positive reinforcement. This way, your dog can think of a crate as a private and safe place, much like a bedroom for a child.  There are a lot of benefits of training your dog using a crate. Crate training can help teach your dog bladder and bowel control. During travel, a crate can also be used as a carrying tool to aid in travel and could offer protection.

One concern that dog lovers often associate with the use of crates is the confinement that they introduce to animals. Many pet owners find this cruel and think it is too restricting to the freedom of the animal. However, many dog specialists say that this shouldn’t be a problem since dog crates resemble the feeling of a cave, which is an environment that is considered to be a natural shelter for dogs. In the olden times, domesticated dogs were sheltered inside small dens to provide some protection to them when they slept outside the house of their master. The crates that we know today can act as a modernized version of these dens, which could offer your pet some private space.  

What to Look for in Dog Crates

There are a number of variables to consider when selecting an appropriate crate for your dog. Some important features to take into account before getting one are the size, materials, and safety of the crate.

  • Materials: Plastic and steel dog crates are among the most popular variants that you can get your hands on. Between the two, steel crates provide superior strength and durability and are often designed to be foldable so that you can fit them in small storage spaces. In addition, steel crates provide maximum ventilation and are very easy to clean because of the maximized open space. On the other hand, plastic dog crates are primarily made of poly-blend material with a chrome-plated steel bar door. Although not as durable as the steel variant, plastic crates are extremely popular to dog owners who love to travel because they are the only crates approved for airline travel.
  • Size: Dog crates also come in different sizes to accommodate the different dog breeds. Ideally, the length and height of your dog are the key determining factors in finding a crate in the correct size. The appropriate size should allow your dog to lie down and stretch out to its full body length and stand up without ducking its head below the shoulders. Sizes of crates range from 24 inches, which are ideal for small sized dogs, up to 42 inches, which are considered best to accommodate the size of extra-large dogs.
  • Security: Crates not only provide a safe shelter for your pet, but they can also keep your furniture safe from a destructive dog, especially when you are absent and can’t supervise them.

When selecting a crate for your beloved pooch, make sure to choose one that possesses the aforementioned features. These characteristics offer some universal functionalities that you can expect from a standard crate. 

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