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Best Dog Clippers For Grooming Small Dogs

Grooming sessions for your pets can be quite heavy on the pocket. Giving them a trim at home is the easier and cheaper option. It not only saves you money but also gives you quality time to spend with your canine companion. However, you need to have the right tools for the job. Most essentially you need good dog clippers that are perfectly sharp and not too loud so they don’t scare your doggo. With so many options available online, we have curated a list for the best dog clippers to help you pick the best one. 

Best Dog Clippers For Grooming Small Dogs

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How to Find The Best Dog Clippers For Grooming Small Dogs For Your dog

Finding the Best Clippers for Small Dogs

Dog clippers do not differ much from the typical clipper. However, they have certain features that make them safe for our beloved pets. 

Selecting the best dog clipper for your little dog is difficult, because it is more challenging to work on their small bodies. Additionally, you need to be careful not to snip their skin. For this reason, you should only look for small dog clippers which are more manageable and perfect for tinier dog breeds. 

Two Types of Clippers

Many people opt for cordless clippers for mobility. Some find cords pesky and distracting when they are grooming their pups. With corded clippers, you need to adjust and move the cord every time you or your dog shifts position. But to be fair, the corded models pack more punch.

Once you have decided which type to go for, check out these factors before you purchase one.

  • Size: Bulky clippers are a no-go when it comes to small pets. They are harder to maneuver. Find something appropriate for their tiny body that allows you to work on the hard-to-reach spots without any accidents. Apart from that, you should also consider the size you are comfortable with. It will be hard for you to keep a firm grasp if it is too small for your hands.
  • Motor Speed: Clippers with faster motors provide a cleaner finish. Anything smaller won’t produce the desired effect. A good rule of thumb for smaller dogs is a clipper with a motor speed of no less than 3,500 revolutions a minute.
  • Performance: Steer clear of noisy clippers that get hot easily. Of course, it is difficult to find a model that does not produce both heat and noise. However, products with a minimal amount of both offer eassurance that the battery or power is mostly concentrated on its performance. 
  • Weight: An excellent hair clipper should not feel like a burden when in use. Heavy clippers can damage your wrist and inhibit mobility. Subsequently, the whole task, which usually takes up to an hour, becomes more difficult to finish. On the other hand, models that are too light are not helpful because they are either flimsy or too small to work with.
  • Ergonomics: In line with the right product weight, choose an ergonomic handle. You should be able to fit it in your hand with ease. 
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