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Best Dog Boots For Hot Pavement

It’s the summertime so the temperatures are soaring and that means so is the pavement. Since you don’t want your dog burning his or her precious paws on scorching pavement, you should get them a pair of comfy dog boots to keep them protected. These are some of the best dog boots for hot pavement.

Julia Yoo, a doodle lover, said, “I’m always concerned about my fur babies’ paws getting burned due to hot pavement and so should you. You should get boots that ensure their paws are kept protected.”

Best Dog Boots For Hot Pavement

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How to Find The Best Dog Boots For Hot Pavement For Your dog


Summer is unpredictable and protection is better than any inconvenience. Temperatures can get really high, along with the pavement. In fact, asphalt can get between 48 to 56 (9-13) degrees higher than the air temperature. We cannot control the heat of the summer, but we can protect ourselves and our pets from discomfort or injuries.

Our bodies only have a certain limit for heat tolerance, and dogs have their own too. Some could stand the cold better, while some could handle the heat easier. It all depends on the breed, habitat, and their ability to adapt to the environment.

There are specially designed boots that are made for protecting your dogs’ paws from the heat of the ground. Dogs can scorch their paw pads from hot asphalt and sidewalks that can further result in major blistering and redness. They have sensitive paws because their feet consist of nerve endings, fat, and connective tissues. Paw pads can be burned and ripped off from their feet so it is best to have boots made for summertime. With dog boots, owners can save their pets from unnecessary burns and blisters. Pets can easily come and join their owners in activities under the sun.


  •       Sturdy Sole

Boots are made for different purposes, and these boots are specifically made for walking in the summer. Boots with sturdy soles can protect dogs’ paws from hot pavement, sharp objects, rubble, mud, and other entities. They can provide traction on rugged and slippery surfaces as well.

  •       High Quality

Just like in human shoes, high-quality shoes will last longer so you can get your money’s worth. You should opt for dog boots that are made from durable and comfortable materials so your dog can enjoy them for a really long time.

  •       Proper Fit and Sizing

Dogs do not have the same paw sizes; it varies depending on the breed and size of your pet. Just like in humans, there are sizing charts for dog boots too. We recommend choosing a dog boot that has the proper fit so their paws will be secured and comfortable after the long walk outside; because even dogs do not want to lose a shoe.

  •       Breathable

Dog boots without air circulation will make your pets uncomfortable and uneasy because of too much sweat due to lack of ventilation.

  •       Ease of Use

Owners struggle with putting on dog boots especially if you’re going to put them on for the first time, so dog boots need to be easy to put on and simple to take off. You don’t want your dogs to have an awkward time when using the boots.

  •       Other Features

For night adventures, reflective strips can provide some light and make sure your dogs will be visible. Water-resistant boots are also a nice feature for those who like to go to the pool, the sea, and even occasional puddles.

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