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Best Dog Anxiety Jacket

Dog anxiety jackets are designed to give your dog a comforting feeling during stressful events. From thunderstorms and heavy downpours to long days without their owners, there are a number of reasons why a dog might feel anxiety. These jackets can help. 

According to Jarett Gilpin, a vapor wake detection dog handler, “Even the toughest dogs experience stress when exposed to uncomfortable situations. A dog anxiety jacket provides them with a sense of security even when you’re not around.” 

Best Dog Anxiety Jacket

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How to Find The Best Dog Anxiety Jacket For Your dog

How to Choose an Anxiety Jacket for Dogs 

Like humans, dogs tend to suffer from anxiety. The sound of fireworks, the presence of strangers, and unfamiliar places are among the many causes of this anxiety. Anxiety can make dogs bark excessively, jump too much, whine, pant, and even become aggressive. 

When you put a jacket on your dog’s torso, there is this calming effect that resembles the feeling and warmth of a hug. When you place it on a dog properly, the calming effect will resonate all over his body, making him forget about the anxiety.

Why is an anxiety jacket important?

An anxiety jacket applies gentle pressure and the right amount of warmth and comfort an anxious dog needs in situations where he feels scared. This pressure will help release certain chemicals that help with your dog’s sense of well-being. These chemicals are called endorphins. 

What are the factors you should consider when choosing an anxiety jacket for your dog?

The important factors you should consider when choosing an anxiety jacket are the following:

Size: Make sure to get the right size for your dog. The jacket should be snug, fitting your dog well. To get the accurate measurements, make sure to weigh your dog first before purchasing the jacket.

Material: Anxiety jackets must be made of high-quality materials that are comfortable to wear. Breathability of the materials is also a factor to consider. 

Closures: Consider choosing anxiety jackets with reliable closure methods that do not come off easily. There are straps that tend to be convenient, but make sure to choose something that will not give your dog the freedom to take off the jacket too easily. 

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