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Best Cranberry Supplements for Dogs

As a concerned pet parent, you wouldn’t want your pooch to go through any health-related issues. One of the most common problems that dogs face are urinary tract infections. Cranberry supplements are becoming popular amongst dog owners for the prevention of UTI and other urinary problems. With the market full of so many kinds of supplements, you might have problem choosing one that’s best for your dog. Which is why we’ve shortlisted the best ones to help you out.

Best Cranberry Supplements for Dogs

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How to Find The Best Cranberry Supplements for Dogs For Your dog

Choosing the Best Cranberry Supplements for Your Dog

Cranberry dog supplements are amongst the most talked about supplements you can find in physical and online pet supply stores. Dog cranberry supplements are special formulae made from cranberry extracts. In a nutshell, cranberry is known to prevent and treat infections of the urinary tract among dogs, and encourage optimal urinary health in general.

Moreover, these supplements avoid and treat UTI and bladder stones specifically. So if Fido suffers from these issues, this is the go-to solution. These supplements are available in various forms, particularly in granules, powder, and tablets. 

Benefits of Cranberry Supplements for Dogs

Urinary health is just a part of what you should expect. Here are more reasons why cranberry supplements are must-have for your furry pals.

  • Prevent Plaque Build-Up on Your Dog’s Teeth

Bacteria found in the dog’s oral cavity are forming dental plaques. These microorganisms leave a thin biofilm on the teeth’s surface to help protect them from removal. Since cranberries have antimicrobial properties, they get rid of bacteria caused by the build-up.

  • Manage Canine Cognitive Functioning

This relates to cranberry’s antioxidant properties. Dogs in their senior years can show signs of cognitive impairment, such as reduced memory and loss of coordination or equilibrium. Although cranberries do not cure such conditions, the impact of these symptoms can be at least lessened.

  • Improve the Functioning of the Circulatory System

The polyphenols, flavonoids, and antioxidants found in cranberries help both the blood vessels and the heart to work better. These substances tend to relax the blood vessels leading to a reduction in blood pressure, which in effect helps to relieve heart pressure.

  • Prevent Macular Degeneration

Cranberries’ antioxidant properties can also help in the prevention of canine eye diseases such as macular degeneration. This refers to the risk of blindness among dogs.

  • Best for Solving Bladder Issues 

Cranberry dog supplements are also an important remedy for bladder stones. Since the UTI itself often causes the bladder stones, they can be prevented from forming through intaking supplements. Additionally, the daily dosage of the drug dissolves the stones of the bladder, reducing the need for surgery.

Things to Consider in Buying Cranberry Supplement for Dogs

Heads up! This is not a typical dog food or supplement that works for everyone. You have to be careful in choosing the right product for regular use. Here are a few things to consider!

  • Sugar Content

One downside of cranberry supplements for dogs is their high sugar content. A low amount might work, but “zero added sugar” is the best option. Excessive sugar causes a variety of complications, such as diabetes, obesity, etc. After all, instead of providing what’s best for Fido, it only does more harm than good. 

  • Fruit Concentration

Give your dog the correct dose of the cranberry supplement. For this, you’ll need to consider the fruit concentration and take note of measurements based on the body weight of your dog. Again, excessive may not produce fruitful results.

  • Vitamins

Cranberry supplements for dogs contain other foods and vitamins, from which a large amount of vitamin C is available. However, just like sugar, your vet should also check the concentration of vitamin C and seek approval. This is crucial since fortified vitamin C also increases your dog’s long-term risk of developing kidney stones.

  • Form

You should also consider how your pooch will take the supplements. As mentioned, they can be in the form of granules, powder, and tablets.

Granular and powdered supplements are almost identical, except that there are subtle differences with their consistencies. The former may have additional nutrients that make it clumpier and thicker. The latter, on the other hand, is easy to mix, and you’ll get what you expect from cranberries. Still, both are used for mixing the formula with dog food. This is convenient for dog parents who are struggling to feed their pups with tablets.

Tablets (or even capsules) are still made available. They’re handy and don’t require preparation. You can just pop it in the mouth right away, and it’s done!

  • Side Effects

Cranberry supplements for dogs are mostly safe but may occasionally cause minor side effects. Cranberries simply cause the dog’s kidneys to rapidly excrete the drugs, instead of absorbing them well. Thus, the supplement’s potency is reduced. Cranberry supplements may also not be inappropriate if your dog is pregnant or already taking other liver medications.

Cranberry supplements can also affect the effectiveness of alkaline drugs, such as painkillers. Considering all these, visiting a vet should always be a top priority. If Fido is negatively reacting to the supplements, it’s best to discontinue use until your vet gives a better solution. 

Several studies have shown that cranberries certainly have a beneficial impact on dogs, mainly on digestive and urinary tracts. So, as a dog parent, you can maximize optimal health by supplying what your pets further need. After all, dog food and a specific diet may not suffice all the time. Just choose the best and most suitable supplement for Fido’s lifestyle, and you’ll see rewarding effects.

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