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Best Cranberry Supplement for Dogs

Dogs are family and, like any other family member, they also need to have their well-being maintained. They’re similarly susceptible to contaminations and different problems as we may be. Thus, it’s important to deal with them inside and out. Cranberry supplements for dogs contain natural cranberry extracts that help your dog avoid urinary tract diseases (UTIs), bladder contaminations and different issues in its urinary system. It works by eliminating bacteria and strengthens their immune system. With various alternatives in the market, these are our top picks.

Best Cranberry Supplement for Dogs

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How to Find The Best Cranberry Supplement for Dogs For Your dog

A Go-To Buying Guide: Cranberry Supplements for Dogs

Cranberry supplements for dogs naturally prevent and help with UTI and bladder stones while improving the dog’s overall urinary health. These supplements are available in different forms, e.g., chewables, powder, and tablets. Your dog may either ingest the supplement directly or combine it with dog food.

Additives to cranberries are absolutely safe for dogs. Indeed, they are a great source of antioxidants and vitamin C—both effective for the internal health of a dog. They contain more key ingredients in moderate quantities such as probiotic strains that are also safe. Cranberries are part of many healthy dog foods as well.

When are Dog Cranberry Supplements Used?

For starters, why should you buy these supplements for Fido? Here are the possible reasons why you might need them.

  • For UTIs in Dogs

Along with a few other types of berries, cranberries also produce compounds called proanthocyanidins. These are compounds that prevent E.coli, a primary harmful bacteria, from clinging to the bladder lining. Therefore, the bacteria are flushed out and cannot cause the infection.

Cranberry supplements for dogs work well to flush away any impurities in the bladder, thus promoting good health.

Cranberry supplements are perfect home remedies for UTI-stricken dogs. Infection of the urinary tract or UTI is not just a medical problem for people. It can also affect dogs, and it is estimated that about fourteen percent of dogs will suffer from this infection at least once during their lifetime. 

  • Reducing Plaque Build-Up

Even though cranberry supplements are not popularly known for their other health benefits, they can also improve your dog’s dental health. In fact, taking supplements help clean the teeth and reduce plaque buildup in dogs. Dental health is important to your dog and the formation of dental plaque is a major reason for tooth decay and bad breath.

Plaque is the accumulation of bacteria-made biofilm that forms on the dog’s teeth surface, causing teeth loss, poor appetite, and other infections.

Supplements to cranberries and cranberries contain a good amount of flavonoids and polyphenols. These two molecules cut down on dental plaque formation specifically. A cranberry supplementation thus works well in improving your dog’s dental health. 

  • Manages Canine Cognitive Function

Antioxidants are one of the properties of cranberries. Poor memory and loss of coordination and balance are evident signs of cognitive malfunction as dogs grow older. Moreover, cranberries can act as agents of making these cognitive problems decelerate negative effects on such signs and findings.

How to Find the Best Cranberry Supplements for Your Dog?

Are you now ready to browse a variety of dog supplements? We got you covered. Read on and take some notes as we help you find out the best for your dog.

  • Vet-Approved

The first thing you have to consider is that you have to get your vet’s approval. Cranberry supplements are effective (and they work like a charm). However, they can also cause side effects.

Some dogs may find these supplements intolerable that their kidneys excrete the formula instead of absorbing it. Moreover, if your pooch has on-going medications already, taking another type of supplement might do more harm than good. Always seek advice from a professional before buying one for Fido.

  • Dose

You can’t solely depend on guesswork when it comes to dosage. Your local vet can prescribe the right dosage. If you can’t get one, check out the detailed instructions from what you’ll purchase. 

  • Fruit Concentration

The concentration of cranberries present in the supplement varies with different brands and different forms of the supplement.

As a standard estimate, vets often recommend administering 0.5 milliliters of cranberry juice per pound of body weight. Alternatively, ten milligrams of cranberry extract is considered suitable per pound of body weight each day.

  • Sugar Content

Make sure there’s no added sugar in the supplement you’ll buy. Excessive sugar causes a variety of complications, such as diabetes, obesity, and more. After all, in the course of managing their UTI, there’s no point in leaving the dog vulnerable to certain health risks.

  • Form

The form of the supplement is also important. No matter how effective the product is, it won’t matter if Fido can’t and won’t take it. For this, you can choose among tablets, powder, and chewables.

Powdered supplements are easy to mix within your dog’s food in case you don’t want Fido to take these essentials orally. Tablets, capsules, or any other similar forms are handy and don’t require a prepping time. The thing is, your pup should be welcome to take it in one pop.

Chewables are becoming popular nowadays. They’re comparable to dog treats, that’s why pooches love them. Whatever your option is, it should be based on your dog’s convenience. After all, it’s for your furry pal.

  • Cost

The cost to dogs of cranberry supplements varies depending on the brand you choose and the supplement form you prefer. Don’t be afraid to shell out money, especially if the product comes from a reputable brand, dog lovers love it, and you think that it gives positive results.

Seeing your pet in pain and distress is heartbreaking due to the most digestive and urinary problems. Don’t worry, though. As far as these dog-related urinary issues go, there’s an available remedy. Cranberry supplements for dogs are made to relieve a variety of health issues and mainly preserve a safe urinary system. All you have to do is choose the best one for your furry friend.

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