Discover the Best Cooling Dog Beds For Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Find the Perfect Cooling Dog Beds For Your Pup

If your dog doesn’t already have a cooling bed, then it is definitely an option to consider. What most people do not realize is that dogs can easily overheat in slightly higher than normal temperatures. That means that it is important that you give them some options to keep them cool, and a great choice is a cooling bed. There are three basic types of cooling dog beds. The first is the cooling dog bed that fills up with water. These definitely work, but they have the disadvantage of leaking or becoming mildewy. They definitely are not recommended for dogs that chew. On average, a bed like this will stay cool about 4-6 hours. The second type of cooling bed is the pressure- activated bed. There is a chemical in the gel pads inside of this kind of bed that absorbs the heat from your dog and lowers their body temperature. Finally, there are phase-changing cooling pads, which are cooling pads that are designed to stay at a specific temperature so that your dog can use the bed anytime. They will keep your dog cool the longest.

DogGear team members know just how hard it can be to keep your dog cool, so we’ve chosen some of the best cooling dog beds for small, medium, and large dogs:

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