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Best Complete Dog Agility Set

Dogs are great companions and often the center of most family weekend activities. The lifespan of these companions varies based on breed, but exercise plays a vital role in their health and longevity. Agility sets are an excellent way for every dog to stay in shape and have fun. Agility sets come in many shapes and sizes but are guaranteed to build memories between every owner and dog.

Dave Roe, an expert dog trainer, says, “I have trained dozens of breeds over the years and agility sets are the perfect activity to build up a dogs’ stamina, strengthen joints, and make memories doing so. They are portable and can be set-up virtually anywhere there is grass or soft flooring. I would encourage every dog owner to purchase one of these — you will not regret it!”

Best Complete Dog Agility Set

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How to Find The Best Complete Dog Agility Set For Your dog

Complete Dog Agility Set Buying Guidelines

Dogs love to play. Just like us humans, our furry friends need to play because they get bored when they don’t have things to do. By letting them do such physical activities, it’s not just a good exercise, but a way to better well-being. Therefore, we need to give our dogs agility training for them to stay fit and bond with us. One great way to give this kind of training to our dogs is by opting for a complete dog agility set.  

The Basics of a Complete Dog Agility Set

Complete dog agility sets consist of equipment that can be used to train the agility of your dogs. It includes jumps, tunnels, and weaving poles.

  • Jumps

This equipment allows Fido to leap over the panel, bar, or triple jump from an appropriate distance or angle. It should be lightweight enough for you to move them around when you are trying to rearrange the course.

  • Open Tunnel

It is the easiest obstacle that your pooch can master. This equipment trains dogs to run to the entrance of the tunnel at maximum speed until they reach the exit quickly.

  • Weave Poles

Your pooch has to enter to the right of the first pole at full speed. This can help strengthen his concentration as he weaves through each pole as fast as he can, while he has to stay close to the centerline.

Why Should You Buy a Complete Dog Agility Set?

Agility training is important for your dogs. So, buying a complete dog agility set will benefit you to train them to move quickly and gracefully. Either you want to train your pooches at home and practice for competition, or you just want to play and have some fun with your furry friends, that could be possible.

It is essential for your dogs to practice agility for them to have a fit body. Having this training with your pooches can stimulate their mental processing and exercise their body. Besides, it strengthens your relationship with Fido through these activities.

When Should a Dog Try Agility Training?

The right time you should give this agility training is when your pooches are already eighteen months old. You should avoid training your furry friends until they reach at least a year old because it can damage their joints. Before engaging them with this training, you can provide simple training like verbal and non-verbal commands, then gradually introduce them to this training. Also, take note that it’s never too late for an older dog to give agility training as long as they are still fit for the activity.

Features to Consider When Looking for the Best Dog Agility Set

Here are the factors you should consider when choosing the best complete dog agility set:

  • Size

When buying the best agility equipment, you have to pay attention to the size of the items. Ask yourself; are they the appropriate size for Fido? Usually, sets of dog agility equipment are made according to the size of the majority of dog breeds.

However, if your dog belongs to a small or giant breed, you have to consider this important feature. Keep in mind that most equipment included in an agility set still has size limits like the tunnels and tire jumps. So, consider the sizes of your pooches when buying one.

  • Adjustability

Take note that if you buy an agility set to train your dogs, you surely want to have equipment that is easy to adjust. That is for you to adjust some agility equipment like jumps, to test their improvement.

With this adjustability feature, you can just modify the equipment according to the size or height of your pooches when they soon grow up using the agility set. Hence, consider this feature if you want your investment to be worthwhile.

  • Material

Remember, always consider the materials used in manufacturing the equipment you will buy for the safety of your furry friend. Most equipment like jumps and weave poles are made from PVC. Usually, they are UV-resistant, so they won’t easily fade when left outdoors because of some weather activities.

Also, the majority of the tunnels you will see in the market are made from heavy polyester or nylon. You should look for a tunnel which is thick enough. So, your pooches won’t easily scratch and tear them down.

  • Instructions

A great complete dog agility set should also come with instructions on how you can install and use it. If you are a dog owner who will just begin with this agility training, instructions can guide you on how you should get started with the training with your pooches and install the set of equipment easily.

  • Portability

Another feature you have to look for is how easily you can disassemble and store the set of training equipment. You might not want to just leave the set of equipment in the place where you used them sometimes because of several factors. So, the ease of assembling or storing them safely can benefit you too.

Also, the ease of moving around the set of equipment won’t always give you a hard time assembling them for every training.

  • Durability

Cheap complete dog agility set might cost you less, but you have to remind yourself of the quality you are looking for.  Look for a set of equipment you will use to play with and train your dogs that will last for years.

Agility training is important to dogs. Take note that this training will make them physically, mentally, and emotionally happy. If you are looking for a set of equipment to strengthen your bond with your dogs, it will be a great investment buying this complete dog agility set. Beyond everything, the top priority must be their health, safety, and happiness while making use of this wonderful set.

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