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Best Collars to Control a Big Dog

Large dog breeds, such as the Cane Corso, are very protective of their owners and territory. Imagine this nightmare scenario. Your friends come around to your house for a dinner party. When they arrive, you open the gate, and your dog leaps at your guests, knocking them to the floor.

In a frenzy of panic, you try to assist your friend. However, your dog misinterprets your cries of shock and the sudden movement toward your friend as a threat. The hound launches themselves at your friend and begins to maul them.

This kind of situation could happen at a public park when your dog encounters another pooch out for an afternoon stroll. In any case, this sort of occurrence leads to a trip to the emergency room or vet’s office.

Controlling a dog that weighs over 80-lbs is challenging. Large and giant breeds carry plenty of strength in their muscles, and when they’re motivated, they can easily break your grip or forget to listen to your command to stop.

Fitting your Cane Corso or Rottweiler with the best sturdy dog collar helps you control your dog in these types of situations, here’s what to look when making your selection.

Hemp, Corduroy, and Nylon

Dog collars made from natural and synthetic fibers are an excellent and inexpensive choice. These collars offer much variation in their design. Some feature quick-release clasps and handles over the top of the collar.

If your dog gets out of hand, grab the collar handle and bring them under control. Materials like nylon and hemp cord are secure and reliable. You won’t have to worry about them weathering or snapping under tension.

Collars made of synthetics like nylon are hard-wearing, and you can expect them to last for years with minimal signs of wear. These products come in a wide range of styles and colors to suit any dog.

Leather Collars

This hard-wearing, classic collar suits large dogs. Grabbing a handful of leather as your dog leaps forward ensures that you keep them under control, without the fear of the collar breaking. Leather options typically include fashionable buckles, and some come with ornaments like studs.

While leather collars are exceptionally stylish and durable, they often lack features such as control handles and quick-release clips.

Choke Collars

These collars involve a length of chain with two ring clasps at either end. Choke chains are relatively effective at controlling your dog when they’re on a leash. All you need to do is pull the leash, and the collar constricts your dog’s throat, making them obey your command. However, choke chains can damage your dog’s throat and vocal cords. Given the accessories available today, choke chains are old technology, and some owners consider them to be a symbol of animal cruelty.

Choosing & Sizing Big Dog Collars

It’s important to realize that your dog is going to go through a few collars as they grow up. Therefore, choosing an expensive leather collar for your puppy is a waste of money that you can spend on other items like quality dog food and a crate – you would be better off starting with a collar designed specifically for puppies.

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Synthetic collars are a cheaper option for your dog as they grow. Nylon and hemp collars offer good control over a young dog, at a fraction of the price of a leather collar. When your dog reaches adulthood, a leather collar is a fashion statement full of functionality that they’ll appreciate.

It’s best to have a range of collars and dog harnesses for different applications. Chose a leather collar for walking your dog, and a nylon collar with a handle for around the house.

In Closing – Keep Your Dog Legal

In most States, it’s illegal to walk your dog without a collar and a dog leash. If your dog gets away from your control, you may end up liable for any injuries sustained by a victim of their attack. Never walk your dog without a leash – the consequences could be disastrous.

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Best Collars to Control a Big Dog

Large dog breeds, such as the Cane Corso, are very protective of their owners and territory. Imagine this nightmare scenario.