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An anti-bark collar is a collar you can use to train your dog to bark less. While it’s perfectly natural for dogs to want to make themselves known, protect their territory, and loudly share their opinions on world events, it can sometimes become a little too much. Too much barking can strain your relationship with your pup and even your neighbors! An anti-bark collar aims to solve this problem by providing a little feedback in order to classically condition your dog into no longer barking. Often, this would involve a collar that uses a control in order to offer a small shock to your dog. That may sound harsh, but it has always been a small enough shock not to really be felt through a dog’s thick hide. Now, technology has progressed now to the point where no shock is needed at all. From a dog’s perspective, a powerful vibration can be just as off-putting, which is precisely what a lot of these collars now offer instead. Better yet, most of these collars are now sound activated. That means that you don’t need to hold the controller and wait for your dog to bark in order to press the button: you can instead just leave them to it with the knowledge that they will set it off themselves if they bark loudly.

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DogGear Philosophy

To train your dog to ease up on the barking, an anti-bark collar might be the way to go. The DogGear team hopes these choices help you find a good starting place on your search for an anti-bark collar, or maybe even reveal a need for a different type of collar to train your pup. If you would like us to review a different type of anti-bark collars, just reach out and let us know. If you are interested in a shock collar, Martingale collar or prong collars to help with corrections for your dog, please look around the site.  We have a ton of experience using and testing these collars and what to help you and your dog have the best possible relationship.

How A No-Bark Collar Can Be The Perfect Solution For A Constantly Barking Dog

Let’s be 100% honest, when we get dogs there are a lot of different reasons why, and one of them is to bark at the appropriate time. That could be when strangers are approaching, there are dangerous animals in the yard, or to chase off unwanted intruders. However, a dog that barks all day, for no apparent reason whatsoever, is not only a nuisance, but doesn’t alert the owner of anything useful at all. For that reason, people try to train their dogs to bark at the right time, and be quiet the rest of the time, easier said than done. There are ways to end constant nuisance barking, and the anti-bark collar is one of them.

Dogs Do Have Their Reasons For Barking

There are a ton of different reasons that dogs bark, sometimes it’s their alarm mechanism, other times they’re happy, still other times they need help, are afraid, or to threaten other animals. The chronic bark is the worst though, and it seems like there is no reason for it. Some breeds of dogs are more prone to constant barking, small dogs mostly, but some larger dogs too.

Getting your dog to completely stop barking is not a very good either, you’ll be happy when they alert you to thieves, snakes, or some other danger. But when they bark constantly, not only is it annoying, but you’ll never know when it’s for a real reason since you’ll become accustomed to it.

A Anti-Bark Collar Can Be A Solution

The biggest advantage of the no-bark collars is that they are an immediate interruption to the bad behavior. That way there is no doubt in the mind of your dog what behavior is causing the problem. When you have to get out of your chair and go outside to shout at your dog, you’re always a little late, sometimes not even home, and there is a disconnect between the dog’s action and the discipline. That makes learning more difficult.

The no-bark collars work by immediately interrupting the dog on the very first bark and every bark thereafter. They work when you’re not there so your dog learns that the rules apply all of the time, every time.

There Are Several Types Of No-Bark Collars

The vibration type of collar has sensors that will detect the dog’s bark from close range in the neck area. This helps eliminate problems with other nearby dogs setting off the collar. Then, the collar makes a vibration that interrupts the bad behavior. The intensity of the vibrations can be adjusted, but are never painful or cruel to the dog. They are meant to interrupt the dog with an alternative stimuli instead.

Another type of no-bark collar emits a spray, either of lemon or citronella scent. It’s not harmful, but it does make an immediate impact to the dog through its most sensitive sense, the nose. People with children like this collar because the spay is completely harmless for kids and pets alike.

There Are Also Remote Controlled Ultrasonic Devices

These collars are a little more complicated, they work on a basic level just the same, but emit an ultra-sonic sound as an interrupter. The sound can only be heard by the dog and is harmless. Many of these collars also are remote controlled so that the owner can turn them on or off remotely. This can be a more effective way of teaching a dog which barks, and how many, are appropriate in each situation. Guard dogs are a good use of these remote control collars and they are used by dog trainers working with new puppies quite frequently as well.

No matter the reason for your dog’s incessant barking, there is a solution that’s safe and effective. These no-bark collars are very humane, cause no long-term harm to pets or kids, and do a good job as a teaching aid to get barking under control.

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