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Tonal for Dog Parents

How would dog owners benefit from the tonal? Help dog owners keep up with an active dog, helps dog owners have the strength to control dogs on walks, etc.

Not only is Tonal designed for exercise enthusiasts who want to work out in the comfort of their home, but it also benefits pet owners. Although owning a pet can be enjoyable and adds another family member in the home, it can also be exhausting for many people. Both cats and dogs have a significant amount of energy, which makes it challenging to control or interact with them while spending time inside the home and outdoors. If you want to continue having fun with your pet and avoid struggling to keep up with their activity, it’s important to spend time working out.

How Tonal Works

The machine’s design helps boost endurance and increase muscle mass without having to rely on traditional weights. Without using weights commonly found in gyms, participants can enjoy an efficient workout that is quicker to set up each day. With Tonal, you’re able to train yourself to participate in physical activity for longer periods of time. Whether you’re playing fetch with your dog or taking them on a walk, you’ll be able to spend more time being active after extensive exercise with Tonal. Tonal’s high-intensity workouts make it possible to work up a sweat with its energetic class-style setting. It provides users the benefits of strength training combined with a calorie-burning focus.

As you work harder to become a healthier and more capable pet owner, you can track your progress with Tonal’s Free Lift Mode. This feature automatically counts your reps, sets, and adjusts your weight suggestions in real-time to ensure you can track your progress and avoid writing everything down manually. The weights also adjust to ensure you can continue to work out without stopping, something that’s necessary when using traditional weights.

You can also shed excess weight with Tonal by burning excess fat. There are specific programs available with Tonal to target fat burning for increased weight loss. By losing weight, it’ll be easier to increase your mobility while spending time with your pooch or feline. Regular exercise is proven to increase one’s metabolic rate and help burn more calories, which leads to weight loss over time. You’ll also be able to maintain a healthy weight to ensure you can spend more time chasing after your pet and playing games with him or her for the long-term. After spending even more time together, it will be even easier to bond and provide your pet with a higher quality of life. 

Tonal allows users to increase their muscle mass and build strength, making it easier to control even the heftiest dog while taking it on walks. Larger dogs can be difficult to control as they wander around sniffing or when they make an attempt to take off in the other direction. By lifting up to 200 pounds of weight with the smart equipment, you can stimulate muscle building, especially when pairing your exercise with adequate protein intake. Exercising with Tonal can release hormones that allow the muscles to absorb more amino acids and grow instead of breaking down. It’s important to remember that you’ll also age as your pet gets older. That typically means suffering muscle loss. With more strength, you can prevent your pup’s leash from slipping away and ensure you keep your canine companion safe, even if they attempt to run off without you.

While using Tonal, pet owners can also boost their energy levels when strength training and performing cardio. The full-body workouts the equipment provides can increase energy levels in healthy individuals as well as those who may be suffering from health ailments. It can also reduce fatigue, giving you the motivation you need to go on a run outdoors with your pet and help them to maintain the active lifestyle they need and letting you spend even more time together.

Not only can you improve your health once Tonal is installed in your home, but your health and well-being will have a direct impact on the lifespan of your pet. If you’re motivated to spend time outdoors walking your dog or hiking outdoors together, your pet will benefit. Your dog can maintain a healthy weight and will have improved heart health. Dogs are also less stressed if they participate in exercise at least three times each week, which can lower their blood pressure and gradually increase their lifespan.

Exercise for dogs increases serotonin production in the brain, which allows them to feel content. You can play Frisbee or even take your four-legged friend for a swim in the pool to ensure they enjoy a variety of activities throughout the week and have an owner that is able to keep up with their high energy levels.

Your dog will also have fewer vet visits if you are physically capable of taking them on longer and more frequent walks. You will have more energy to participate in interactive play, which can boost the happiness of your cat or dog on an ongoing basis. They’ll get the attention they deserve if you’re capable of playing tug-of-war or fetch after spending time working out with Tonal. 

Another reason to work out with Tonal is it can reduce the risk of injury while exercising your pet. Strength training is the foundation for any fitness routine, and science agrees. Hundreds of hours of workouts are available through Tonal, with coaches who can help you meet specific goals. By increasing your strength, you can protect as you jump up to catch a tennis ball or tug a rope away from your pet. Resistance training with Tonal also helps strengthen muscle tendons while increasing the flexibility of your ligaments. This can reduce the risk of ligaments becoming torn or strained while performing physical activity throughout the week with Rover or Garfield. 

Pet owners looking to boost their endurance and exercise without having to spend time in the gym can get consistent use from Tonal. By becoming more physically active, it’s possible to keep up with even the most active pet and spend more time together without cutting things short due to low energy levels.