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Tips for Urban Pet Parents

Owning a pet while living in an urban setting is challenging, but not impossible. You just need to know what kind of dog thrives in an urban environment, and what the rules are when it comes to having a pet at your apartment. Once you have the perfect pooch, you can have a happy and organized existence with your canine friend.

Apartment dog is the best

When you live in a city, you cannot just purchase any puppy you like You should choose an apartment dog that are great as city dogs, such as American Eskimo Dog, Affenpinscher, Australian Terrier, Beagle, and Basset Hound. These types of dogs don’t contain too much energy compared to small breeds of dogs. The apartment dogs are relaxed and quiet when they are indoors, they have low energy, and they have good manners when they are faced with people. You need these kinds of dogs because you simply cannot afford to have small dogs barking around when you leave for work, and have a lot of energy to disturb your neighbors.

However, if your heart is already set for a small breed, then you just need to make sure that you have a lot of interactive toys to entertain your rambunctious canine companion. Buy a lot of dog toys and dog treats to keep your new small pup happy at all times, and when you come home, give your pooch some tasty treats for behaving.

Pet registration

Never neglect to register your new dog in the city where you live in. get a license for your canine companion to avoid having issues in case your dog is picked up wandering in the streets by the pound. You need to follow this strict regulation for owning a dog, and you can get fined for not registering your pet in the city.

Take care of the potty needs

You should know that it is crucial to pick up your dog’s poop on the street after your pet has relieved itself. You must always carry poop bags with you whenever you go out walking with your dog in the city. And indoors, potty train your furry friend to use a dog potty, so you don’t have to come home to a smelly house with poop all over the floor.

You also have the option to hire a dog walker if you don’t have much time to walk with your dog. Or you can get a pet sitter while you are out for work or taking care of stuffs. And the best thing about living in the city is, you can always find a pet sitter or a dog walker all over the city. You just need to choose the most reliable one and highly recommended.

Dog parks in the citys

You must find dog parks in the city that are accessible to you and your dog. You simply cannot confine your pooch inside your urban home all the time. Even the short walk at night is not enough. Have time to bring your dog to a dog park where your pet can freely socialize with other dogs and meet new friends. This is also a great opportunity for you to meet new people as well. Let your dog run free when there is an opportunity to do so, and allow your furry friend to have a lot of fun in the dog park.

On the leash

Whenever you are out with your dog in the city, make sure that your pooch is on the leash. Never let your dog walk freely with you, no matter how properly trained your canine companion is. Remember that you are living in an urban setting, and the busy streets and hundreds of people walking and driving are hazardous for your treasured pet. Being on the leash allows you to have full control of the movement of your dog, which is safe for both of you.

Avoid pavement hazard

Your dog is your sole responsibility, and you must protect your pet from all the potential harm in the city. One of the most obvious but neglected hazard is the hot pavement. This is especially true during the summer months, when the pavements are too hot to walk on by dogs. Care for your precious pooch by touching the pavement first before you let you dog walk. If it’s too hot for your touch, then just imagine how your furry friend will feel. You need to consider buying dog booties to prevent the paws to get hurt, or you can even get your pooch a wonderful dog stroller.

No barking

You live in a city, not in a suburban environment where you can let your dog free and barking is a natural occurrence. In an urban setting, you cannot let your dog keep barking when you are away from home. You live in close proximity with your neighbors, and typically you are separated with a wall only. Make sure that you bring your dog to a dog trainer to house train your pooch, so you will not get in trouble with your neighbors and possibly get kicked out by your landlord. You can also keep your pooch occupied by leaving dog toys at home.

Unfriendly dogs

You should know that not all dogs in the city are friendly. You must ask the other dog owners if it’s okay for your dog to say hello to their dogs. Don’t get insulted if the other pet parents pull their dogs away from your pooch. It could be that their dogs are unfriendly, or have a dog disease that can infect your dog. It is important to ensure that you also convey the same message to other dog owners if your own pooch is not great with dealing with other dogs as well. To help your dog socialize, bring your pet out for a walk at least once a day, and always make time to go to the dog park. Have fun, and make some friends.

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Tips for Urban Pet Parents

Owning a pet while living in an urban setting is challenging, but not impossible. You just need to know what kind of dog thrives in an urban environment.

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