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The Best Urinary Tract Supplement For Dogs

Although a dog provides you with love, affection, and companionship, keeping one is a big responsibility. You need to take care of their diet, their routine, and most importantly, their overall health. One of the most common problems dogs face is urinary tract infections (UTIs), which occur when bacteria are introduced and travel up the urethra. To avoid the risk of UTIs, it’s essential to give urinary tract supplements to your dog. Here are some of the best supplement options for you to choose from.

The Best Urinary Tract Supplement For Dogs

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How to Find The Best Urinary Tract Supplement For Dogs For Your dog

Buying Guidelines for Urinary Tract Supplements for Dogs

Keeping ourselves healthy proves to be a tough job and a little tedious, especially with all the preparation and self-discipline we must have. If we do not follow them right, then all work would be futile. Being healthy includes doing physical exercises and taking some supplements, along with healthy eating habits, to help your body gain its much-needed vitamins and nutrients. A healthier body means being less prone to health complications—and we are pretty sure that we want that for ourselves and our precious furry friends.

The Basics of UTI Among Dogs

Some might not know that not only humans suffer from common health problems such as urinary tract infection (UTI), our pets can be victims of such complications as well. In fact, UTI is common among dogs and cats that it is not that difficult to find proper medications to aid them. After an appointment from their veterinarian, they may be required to take medications or supplements to stave off the pain it causes. 

The effects of UTI can cause immense pain and discomfort to our pooch, and it definitely hurts us to see them suffering. The good thing is there are urinary tract supplements for dogs that are very helpful to either tone it down or prevent it from occurring again.

What Causes UTI in Dogs?

Urinary tract problems in dogs may be caused by stones in the bladder, bladder inflammation or infection, trauma, cancer, stress, spinal cord abnormalities, and prostate disease. They can also come from bacteria accumulated on a dog’s skin near the urinary opening, letting them enter their body.

What are the Symptoms of UTI in Dogs?

The usual symptoms are bloody urine, difficulty when urinating, frequent need to drink water, and constant licking of their urinary opening. If you see these, consult your veterinarian immediately.

Which Pets Get UTI Easily?

Female animals are said to be more prone to this kind of infection. Their short urethra allows easier entry for bacteria to enter their body and cause infection.

How to Choose the Best Urinary Tract Supplement for Dogs

When we buy supplements online for our dog, we must carefully pick them out according to these features that we should consider first.

  • Ingredients

Organic ingredients are the most recommended contents of urinary tract supplements for dogs. They are safer than the artificial ones, so you’re rest assured that they will not harm your pooch. The usual organic ingredients used are marshmallow root, astragalus root, corn silk, and cranberry.

Each ingredient is responsible for different health benefits: marshmallow root herbs are rich in mucilage, which is a great contributor to soothe irritation and inflammation; astragalus root is responsible for maintaining healthy kidney function; cornsilk as a natural diuretic aids with increasing water elimination from the body; and D-Mannose that can be found in cranberries, responsible for gathering the bad bacteria to drain it out of the bladder.

It may also help that meat flavors are added in the supplement, so the taste may be more appealing to your pooch. There are some available in the market that are chicken-flavored, so the taste would not be too unfamiliar to them.

  • Form

We may find it hard sometimes to make our dogs take their medicines, and forcing it to them may just result in some unwanted scratches or other accidents. Tricking them by mixing it in their food may not work as well, so it is important to consider the form of these supplements that will work best for your pup.

Thankfully, urinary tract supplements for dogs are available in powder, capsules, liquid, and chewables. Many owners have expressed their preference for chewables since you can simply give the supplement to them as if it were a treat一and they really would not know the difference, especially if it is meat-flavored.

  • Compatibility 

If your beloved dog is also under some type of medication or vitamins, you may want to check if the urinary tract supplement that you will purchase can be taken along with other medicines. Some complications such as messing with their system and overdosing on the level of vitamins that each medicine provides may occur, so we have to be careful about that part.

  • Safety

It is indeed hard to trust products that you do not see frequently or are entirely new to you. You may also not be the type of person to rely completely on buyers’ reviews, and you want to know things yourself if the product is guaranteed to help your furry friend. 

Some things that may help to know if a product is safe are background checks of the brands and see if the supplement is FDA-approved. That way, you won’t have to worry much about what could happen to your precious furry companion.

  • Cost

Health is wealth, they say. Spending a little bit too much for our pooch should be the least of our concerns, especially if we want what is best for them. 

Urinary tract supplements are not cheap nor expensive, but they will surely make a little hole in your wallet一especially with regular intake. The price range usually does not go too far from each product, but you shouldn’t overlook the features above according to your budget and compromise the quality of the product.

Keep in mind that urinary tract infections in dogs can reoccur, while some may not show symptoms at all, so we have to be extra observant. Urinary tract supplements may help them to make the infection go away completely, or if not, they can still help our beloved pooch to recover. Always remember that self-prescription when it comes to medications for our dogs is highly discouraged, and seek a veterinarian’s help when needed.

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