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The Best Chest for Dog Toys

Lurking in every crack and crevice around your home is one of the biggest contributors to clutter of all time – dog toys. We’ve all been there – no matter how many toys you throw out, they seem to reappear to take over every inch of floor and cabinet space. Not to fear though – we can help you find the perfect solution to your action figure conundrum. We scoured the market to find the picture perfect chest for dog toys that will not only provide a clever hideaway, but that will also add style to your home. All of our expectations were met when we stumbled upon the Otto & Ben Storage Ottoman. What a find! It has plenty of space neatly disguised as a modern footrest or bench. We should also mention 3 Sprouts Kids Toy Chest, which offers function and is cute as a button. Let’s not forget our environmentally friendly favorite option, OrganizerLogic Burlap Basket. No matter what your budget or home needs, we have your back.

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The shining star of this review is the iDog launcher. This unit has five different distance settings, as opposed to three on the other systems. It’s well priced, and the balls are easily interchangeable with standard tennis balls. The DogGear team members love the remote control and the fact that it comes standard with rechargeable batteries.

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Design- One of the most important elements of choosing a dog toy organizer, product design plays a big role in choosing the right item to fit your home. How much can fit inside? Are the toys well hidden inside? These are some of the questions we put to the test regarding the design of each product.

Durability– Even if you have a small dog, they’re probably tough on storage bins. When being placed around dogs, we understand that organizational items need a certain level of strength in order to endure whatever comes their way.

Aesthetics– Any old bucket can hold toys – the real challenge comes in trying to transform the clutter into a stylish part of your home. Although looks were not a deciding factor, it did give each chest examined a leg up from the competition if it looked good on top of being useful.

Dog Friendliness– As mentioned before, it is essential for any product used by, and for, dogs to be safe and easy to use. Especially for a toy chest, we paid extra close attention to each minute detail to ensure that each item was approved for dog use at any age.

Maneuverability– A home with dogs is constantly changing. This is why we thought it would be good to see how easy it was to move around each toy chest, both with and without the toys inside. Reorganizing is a never ending battle, so why not opt for a product that can be shifted with minimal effort?