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Proin for Dogs

Is your dog displaying signs of urinary incompetence? Urinary incompetence can be a condition that is quite difficult for owners to deal with. It can be frustrating and depressing.  The good thing is that the condition can be aided by medication, which is most commonly referred to as Proin.

What is proin? Proin is a prescription supplement for dogs that are having issues or problems with urinary incontinence. It helps manage and aid the symptoms of the condition. It may also be manufactured as Propalin, in other areas of the globe.

Signs of Urinary Incompetence

What are the most common signs of urinary incompetence? Below are some of the common symptoms that you should be looking for in your pet:

  • Does your dog urinate in the house or in its sleeping/bed area?
  • Does your pet dog have leaks or drips in urine?
  • Does your pet urinate while sleeping?
  • Does your pet urinate frequently?
  • Does your pet always lick or clean its genital areas?
  • Does your pet’s genitals appear to be red?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your pet dog might be experiencing the medical condition. Go to a visit to your dog’s veterinarian and ask him or her about proin.

Proin Benefits and Side Effects

Proin helps your pet dog tighten the muscles of its bladder sphincter in order to be able to control leakages in the bladder along with other symptoms of urinary incontinence.  assists in the tightening of the muscles of the bladder sphincter, effectively controlling bladder leakage and other symptoms of urinary incontinence.

Benefits of Proin

Below are some of the reliefs that Proin can bring to your pet once it begins taking the supplement:

  • Helps improve urinary control for your pet dog
  • Helps reduce incidences of urinating in your home and its sleeping area
  • Minimizes the redness of your dog’s genitals and the area surrounding it
  • Helps relieve other symptoms associated with the condition

Proin Side Effects

However, too much of the medication can also lead to your dog experiencing the following:

  • Increase in your pet’s blood pressure
  • Your dog being hyperexcited or hyperexcitablity
  • Increased or faster heart rate
  • Lowers or decreases dog’s appetite
  • Increase in salivation
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Panting, agitation, and/or restlessness

If you notice other symptoms such as swelling of your pet’s face, skin or other areas, then you should contact your veterinarian right away as this can be a sign of an allergic reaction.

Looking for the Right Proin Supplement

Proin can com in various forms such as chewable tablets. Some can even be liver flavored, presenting itself as a tasty treat. Nonetheless, make sure that you keep your tablets away from your pet and children, just like any type of medication. Proin is the only prescription that is approved by the FDA when it comes to managing the medical condition.

Some Things to Take Note Of

  • Make sure you consult your veterinarian first before giving your pet the supplement. Inform your veterinarian about your pet’s medical history, existing medical conditions, along with its allergies as well. Tell your veterinarian if your dog is either pregnant or lactating as well.
  • Take your pet’s blood pressure into consideration before letting it take proin, as one of the common side effects is the increase in blood pressure.

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