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 On the hunt for the best bowl for your medium-sized dog? With so many options out there, we know how hard it can be to narrow down the very best for your pooch. Here are some of our team’s top choices.

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Feeding and watering your dog is an obvious part of your day as a dog owner. However, have you ever stopped to think about whether you have the right bowl for them or not?

These days, elevated water and feeding bowls for dogs have grown in popularity, with many blogs and sites raving about their advantages. Read on below for a discussion on these to see if the purchase is really worth it:

1. Less Stress

After dogs are done drinking from a bowl that’s near the floor, they have to lift their heads in order to swallow the water. With an elevated bowl, they don’t have to raise their heads quite as far as before. This would help them maintain a better posture as well as be more comfortable when drinking.

The elevated bowl would also place a lower amount of stress on the dog’s back and his joints. This is especially useful for dogs who are older, arthritis, or those that have issues with bending their legs. Some dogs may also be suffering from an injury, in which case an elevated feeding and bowl will allow them to drink comfortably without placing pressure on their wound. This would help them heal better and be back to their normal state in no time.

2. Hygiene

A dog owner has to be very careful about cleanliness in their house, as a dog can be quite a handful to contain. Not only do dogs like to chew up curtains and slippers, but they can also be messy eaters and drinkers. With an elevated bowl, however, your dog is less likely to drip water all over the floor.

Elevated bowls have a space underneath them, so the water that flows there can dry easily. Regular dog dishes, though, lie flat on the floor and will contain the water, causing mold and mildew. Plus, some options for an elevated dog bowl might come with removable dishes that you can wash separately for extra cleanliness.

It may sound tedious… but eventually, it’ll become second nature.

3. Improving Digestion

When cats or dogs have to bend over in order to get at their food, this can lead to a condition known as megaesophagus. This occurs when the esophagus, which is the tube connecting the mouth and the stomach, gets very large and loose in shape. This results in the food accumulating inside the tube instead of the stomach. Your dog could then experience vomiting and other issues.

With the elevated feeding bowl, you can ensure that all the food gets to your dog’s stomach and hopefully stays there. You wouldn’t have to rely on the esophagus for that, since gravity would help do its job as well.

4. Medical Conditions

Dogs with certain medical conditions could especially benefit from an elevated bowl for their food and water. Neck aches are just one example here, as is arthritis. Some dogs might also experience a tense neck, or megaesophagus, as mentioned above.

For pooches with such issues, investing in an elevated food and drink bowl is necessary. Raising the food to the level of the dog’s mouth would give the dog relief from the pain of leaning over. It would also help dogs digest their food better, though it’s now believed that bloating is directly linked to elevated
food bowls.

4. Owner’s Condition

An elevated food bowl for dogs or any kind of small pets is also a good idea for pet owners who have physical disabilities of their own. A person with arthritis, for instance, cannot always bend over and retrieve a dog dish from the floor. The elevated bowl would be a little easier to reach as well as place back at its place. Moreover, the kind with the removable bowls will allow you to fill them and place them in the stand when required. This would certainly save a lot of hassle and frustration during busy schedules.

Getting Permission

As wonderful as elevated dog bowls might sound, they’re not really recommended for all kinds of dogs. Be sure to get a vet’s approval and recommendation before you purchase an elevated food and water set for your pup at home. Do your research and choose according to what’s best for your pet’s happiness and health.