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Large Dog Crates

Find the Perfect Dachshund Harness for Your Pup

Need a spot for your furry friend to stay while you’re away at work, somewhere for them to relax when they’re overwhelmed by guests, or a safe space for them to stay when they’re traveling with you? We know it can be tough finding the best crate for your large dog, so we researched the best options out there!

This is designed to help you pick the most comfortable and controllable harness for your Dachshund pup. We’ve given a premium, close second and budget friendly option below, as well as further information on how to ensure you’re selecting the very best harness for your dog.

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Large Dog Crates

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DogGear Philosophy

We’re dedicated to bringing you the best dog gear, no matter what. Your dachshund pup needs a sturdy harness that’s going to help keep them in line without restricting them. We’re going for a harness that hugs your dog without hurting them: we want full comfort, but the peace of mind knowing that they aren’t going to rush off into danger. You know how dachshunds can get. We’ve also devised a way to make sure you get the exact harness you need.

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How to decide whether to crate your dog or let them roam when you’re not home

Most people spend time outside of their home at work each day, which means their dogs are often left to be alone for several hours. Although the dogs may have good behavior when their owners are around, the situation can change when the house is unoccupied. If you’re planning to leave your large dog on the property, there are a few tips to follow to determine if it’s best to crate your pet or allow them to roam.

Untrained Dogs Benefit from Crates

If your dog is not trained yet or you have a new puppy, using a crate is an ideal option to avoid accidents and messes. If your dog has a tendency of destroying your favorite tennis shoes or ransacking the kitchen cabinets, then it’s best to leave the pet in a crate while you’re gone. Keep the crate in an area of the house with plenty of sunlight and a view. Dogs older than one year can begin to transition out of their crate and learn how to behave well in the house when you’re not present.

Designate a Part of the Home

For dogs left alone for the first time, it can be a mistake to provide them with too much space to roam throughout the house. Each pet differs with the type of room they can be left in depending on their habits and personality. Some dogs end up barking too much if they have access to a window while others are entertained by watching people walk by all day. Understanding their behavior allows you to get an idea if they should be left in the bedroom or living room. If you leave the animal in the kitchen, remove access to any food  present and avoid leaving anything out on the counters. 

Dog-Proof the Area

Once you decide where to leave your dog, you’ll need to secure the lock to prevent them from escaping. You’ll also need to empty any trash cans and remove items like blankets with tassels, which can become destroyed if the dog becomes bored. Allow them to relax and feel comfortable by adding their dog bed, blanket and toys. 

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To find the best dachshund harness, select to begin by breed or by size

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