It’s time that dog owners should stop worrying if they’re feeding their dogs enough nutrients. If you don’t even keep your dog hydrated, then feeding all the healthy things won’t work.

As pet owners, we all love those cute little pads on the paws of our furry friends. While we might be charmed by their look, these pads are actually an essential part of a dog’s body.

There are several pet medications for dogs, cats, and other kinds of animals. You should be careful not to give them medication without the approval of a vet, but the range of medicines might vary.

Dogs are living beings. Therefore, they risk exposure to health issues like tick-bite fever, rabies, colds, kennel cough, and other nasty viruses and bacterial infections.

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM,) affects adult dogs. The spinal cord disorder is similar to Lou Gehrig’s disease in people. DM degrades the “white matter” surrounding the spinal cord and affects the peripheral nervous system.

Obesity is a major issue not only in humans but in dogs as well. Feedings your dog too much, as many eager owners might do, can actually harm them quite a bit.

Your dog brings happiness to your life. It’s entertaining to play throw and fetch with your pooch and watch as they chase after the ball or rope in joy.

If you’re a new dog owner or just a dog owner that wants to start walking their pet at night as well, then you may need to note down all the important information in this article.

Bringing a dog home to the family is a rewarding experience for every parent. The looks of delight on your kid’s and partners face as you present them with their furry friend will last in your memory for a lifetime.