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Fun Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Want to raise a sharp dog? Or do you simply want to make sure that your dog remains happy, entertained and intelligent? One of the things you can do to make sure of this is by teaching your dog new and fund tricks. Training your dog to do some fun and entertaining tricks can help you and your pet dog strengthen your bond, make your dog more obedient, and it also helps your pets brain remain active as well.

You can explore various types of obedience training for your pet. Also make sure to look for those that use positive reinforcement. There are endless types of tricks or classes to choose from. However, if you are still lost and are still wondering where to begin, maybe you can consider teaching your dog some fun tricks on your own. But what some fun tricks you can teach your dog? If your dog already knows some of the basic treats, below are some of the tricks you can probably consider teaching:

1. Fetch

Teaching your pet how to fetch is one of the most popular and easiest you can let it learn. You’ve probably even tried playing this game already. Somehow, dogs can easily understand this trick, and it is usually something that comes naturally to them so you won’t have to worry about anything. What you can do to teach your dog is to throw its ball and then shout the word fetch after. When your dog returns the ball, you can reward it with a treat until your pet gets the hang of it.

2. Shake Hands

This is another easy trick to teach your pet. What you can do is to hold a treat in your hand or palm while closing your fist. Make sure your dog knows this and then offer it. Because you are holding the treat on your hand, your dog will eventually use their paw to reach it because reaching it with their mouth won’t work. When your dog begins to paw the treats, you can say shake. When your dog successfully does this, reward it with some treats. Do it over and over until your pet learns the command or trick.

3. Spin

To teach your dog this treat, you will also have to use treats. What you can do is to hold a treat near its nose. When your dog notices the treat and begins to act interested, you can guide it and move your hand in a circle. When your dog follows and successfully makes a full circle, you can then give your dog the treat. Also begin to say spin as your dog performs and makes a full circle to help familiarize it with the trick. Eventually, your dog will understand and learn it completely.

4. Come

This trick can be very fun and useful. You can use this trick to get your dog out of dangerous situations as well. What you simply have to do is to start off with some distance from your pet. Once you’ve established this, you can then show your pet the treat and shout the word come. Once your pet notices the treats, it will come running to you. When your dog does this successfully, you can again reward it with a treat. Do this several times to help your pet dog learn.



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