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What is the breed of your dog?

This helps us determine the right product for your dog.

How old is your dog?

At every stage of life, your dog needs something a little different. We want to make sure we offer age-appropriate selections, whether your dog is a puppy or an older companion.

How active is your dog?

This will help us recommend products that match your dog’s level of activity.

How much does your dog bark?

The more we know about your dog, the better we can recommend a product that fits your needs!

What type of chewer is your dog?

The Dog Gear experts know some dogs can destroy heavier chewer toys in a days or weeks and with a different dog, the toy could last a lifetime.

How trainable is your dog?

Some dogs- a sharp voice correction is all they need and others may require a tug on the leash or a Martingale collar. We will help you find what works for your dog’s mentality.

What part of the country do you live?

If you live in the northeast, your dog faces different conditions than one in the southwest, so we want to recommend a product that is best for your dog and the climate in which you live.

Where does your dog spend the most time?

Some of our products (such as beds) are geared towards inside vs outside. We take this in account to get the best products for your dog.

Any health concerns?

We want to make sure that we recommend products that will avoid or even alleviate health issues.

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  • Arthritis

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