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The Dog Park Etiquette You Need To Know

All dog parks have a set of rules posted around them. While you need to adhere to these rules, there is some dog park etiquette that you also need to follow. These are the unwritten rules that all dog owners need to follow in dog parks to make the trip fun and safe.

When Others Enter And Leave

When other owners and their pets enter the park or leave, you need to call your dog away from the gate. This rule will make life a bit easier for those who are entering and exiting the park. It will also help you avoid any altercations when a new dog enters.

A new dog entering the park can become anxious when greeted by too many dogs. This could make them tense and tense dogs can often become aggressive. Keeping your dog away from the entrance at these times will also prevent them from slipping out and you having to chase them.

Remove Metal Collars

There are a lot of dogs that have metal collars, but these need to be removed before letting the dog loose in the park. Spiked collars, prong, and metal collars can cause a lot of problems when your dog starts to play with other dogs. Rough-housing is a common occurrence at dog parks and metal collars could hurt them or the other dogs.

It is recommended that you use a soft collar for trips to the dog park. If your dog does not do very well without a collar on, change the metal one to a soft one before leaving home.

Keep An Eye On Your Dog

One of the biggest complaints that dog owners have when going to the park is that other dog owners do not watch their pets. You should not be one of the owners who let their dog loose and then focus only on your phone. Going to the dog park is a great time for your pet to socialize, but is also a good time for you to spend time with them.

Additionally, you never know what could happen at the park. You do not want something to happen to your dog and not be aware of it. Not keeping an eye on your dog will also make it harder for you when it comes to leaving. If your dog is on the other side of the park, they will not hear you calling for them.

Pick Up After Your Dog

Another major complaint from people who frequent the dog park is that some owners do not pick up after their dogs. The park is still a public space and you need to clean up after your dog. This will not only keep the park looking and smelling good, but it is also a safety issue as well.

If you do not pick up after your dog, you could be spreading illness, parasites, and diseases to other dogs. To keep this to a minimum, most dog parks will have waste bags on hand. However, there are times when they are out of stock. This is why you should have waste bags with you when you visit the park.

Leave Your Sick Dog At Home

A lot of people think that going to the park is just what their sick dog needs to perk up. This is something that you should avoid at all costs. Taking your sick dog to the park will only make other dogs sick.

Pet illnesses can be spread through the sharing of water dishes as well as contact. You should also leave older dogs and puppies that have not been vaccinated at home. Their immune systems could be compromised and you do not want them to get sick.

Leave Food And Treats At Home

There are a lot of dog owners who carry treats with them at all times. This is something that you should avoid doing when you are going to the dog park. This is due to the fact that all dogs will react differently to treats and food.

It is often tempting to hand out treats to the dogs you meet at the park, but they could have dietary restrictions that you do not know about. You could also cause conflict when you have treats that you are giving to only your pet. Instead of using treats as a reward for good behavior, you should praise and pet them instead.

Leaving food and treats at home is important, but you should also avoid taking toys to the park. Some dogs get very possessive over their favorite toy and you need to consider this. Taking a toy to the park could cause unnecessary conflict.

There are a lot of unwritten rules that you need to follow when heading to the dog park. Most of these rules will ensure that your dog is safe and that everyone is having a good time.


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