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German Shepherds, with their attractive appearance and vitality, are commonly seen in many households. This domesticated breed may look fast and furious, but just like other breeds, they too have specific needs when it comes to the nutrients they get from the foods they consume. Dog owners should consider factors like body size, age, activities, behaviors, and other health conditions before buying the right foods for their dogs. Here, dog owners can learn more about popular dog food brands that are best suited for their adult German Shepherds.

There are different dog food products that will be elaborated in this review. All these products are great for German Shepherd dogs, but nutritional contents have results that vary from one size or characteristics to another.

Best Dog Food for German Shepherds

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Best Food for German Shepherds for Dogs

Best Food for German Shepherds for Dogs

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DogGear Philosophy

Adult German Shepherd dogs have unique nutritional requirements that will ensure a longer and more active life for them. Therefore, it is important to choose the brands that have tailored their ingredients for this particular breed. Please complete the provided quiz to help us find an even better choice for you!  For other specialty dog food reviews, please visit our overall dog food page.

Find the Perfect Dog Food For Your German Shepherd

What Type Of Dog Food Should You Get For German Shepherds?

When the owner chooses or is prescribed the right dog food for their German Shepherd, the owner is confident that they are getting nothing less than the best for their beloved pets. Because most of the time, an owner doesn’t treat his dog as a pet but as a family member, it is important that only the right type of dog food for their German Shepherd should be given to this special family member. After all, no one would let a family member eat something inedible, right.

How to Use/Serve Dog Food

Depending on the manufacturer, brand, and the type of dog food, there are different ways to serve dog food. Our expert recommendation Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition German Shepherd Adult Dry Dog Food is prepared by adding water into a serving of dog food. The chart at the back of the package shows how much water and kibbles should be prepared for a dog in a certain weight. Our contender recommendation Eukanuba Breed Specific Adult Dry Dog Food can be served dry at 2.5 to 3 cups for a 50lb German Shepherd Dog. It is the same for our bargain recommendation Iams Proactive Health Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food – Chicken. Be sure to serve only the right amount of dog food intended for your German Shepherd’s size. Remember that overfeeding your dog is just as bad as starving them.

Caring for Your Supply of Dog Food

Always inspect the packaging for holes – there should be none if the dog food packs are supposed to be vacuum-sealed. Some dog owners prefer to keep their dog food supply in dispensers. There is no problem with this one since there are dispensers meant exclusively for dog foods only. However, in using dog food dispensers, make sure that proper maintenance is observed, especially every time the dispenser is refilled. This includes cleaning and making sure that there is no dog food stuck in the passageways. Also, in using dog food dispensers, it is a good idea to note down the expiry date of the dog food and keep it displayed on the dispenser itself. There are also those who prefer to keep the dog food in their original packaging, which is fine. Just be sure to clip it shut after taking out each serving. Make sure to check the package for the acceptable range of temperature it should be kept. Lastly, do your best to prevent bugs, pests, and humidity from getting into your German Shepherd’s food supply.

Dog Food Quick Tips

When shifting from one dog food to another, always consult a veterinarian first. Make sure to make a gradual shift instead of a sudden one. This can be done by gradually putting in the new dog food with the old one until the dog gets used to the new dog food and can eat without the old one. Follow the right amount prescribed either on the food pack or as prescribed by the veterinarian. Keep the food dry and safe from pests.