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Best Yeti Coolers

If you’re an adventurer and love the outdoors, you know you need to have a sturdy cooler. While a lot of coolers retail in the market, they can’t withstand the rough use and are unable to keep the ice solid for a long time. Therefore, the perfect solution is to switch to Yeti coolers which are specifically made to endure all your adventures without any worries!

Best Yeti Coolers

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How to Find The Best Yeti Coolers For Your dog

Make it Cool: Buying Guidelines for Yeti Cooler

Since some people live in a tropical country, it is a must-do to have a cooler to quench our thirst and soothe our throats with delicious cold drinks. Many coolers have a variety of features and functions. However, some coolers can bring good quality and some cannot.

You could be looking for a basic regular lunch cooler or a more durable and bigger quality plastic cooler depending on your own needs. There might be plenty of a few hours of good ice life or you might be looking for something to keep their things cold for a week or more.

Having a better understanding of what exactly you’re looking for will make the buying experience much easier as you can weed out a lot of items that don’t fit the search criteria automatically.

We have assembled a cooler buyer’s guide to assist you with this and help you point in the right direction. We will explain several popular and suggested considerations that should be made while buying a cooler.

How to Find the Best Yeti Cooler For You

Listed below are the variety of buying guidelines for a more effective and efficient yeti cooler.

  • Size 

The size of your storage is just how much volume you can carry. Take note that this amount may come from both isolated and non-isolated storage areas.

Smaller, soft-sided coolers are particularly common for chilled and non-chilled products to have different orientations. When you have a range of things that you need to carry, some of which need to stay cold and some of which don’t. Unless you focus entirely on perishable items, you may run into some problems.  

  • Material

When it comes to the material, you might be looking into two common things: plastic and metal.

Plastic is possibly the most commonly used material as it’s the almost unanimous alternative for hard-faced coolers. Plastic is tough, fairly lightweight, cheap, and water-resistant. It also performs relatively good insulation work.


There are a couple of coolers out there that have metal walls but they’re not too common. Metal’s most common use is in various coolers’ hardware, hinges, handles, and zippers. Although metal zippers are pretty standard, metal hardware is typically found in the higher-end brands only, as it costs considerably more than plastic.


  • Carrying Method

Have you ever wondered how you’ll carry your yeti cooler? You may choose between side handles and lid handles.

Side handles are likely to be the most common type of carrying device. These are handles that are mounted on both sides of the cooler to let one or two people hold it. It shouldn’t be an issue for one person to grab both handles on a smaller cooler but for bigger, heftier coolers, having two people on both sides could be beneficial.

On the other hand, a lid handle is a single handle on the cooler’s lid intended to be held by a single person only. This can be helpful as it allows a person to hold the cooler on one hand, while the other hand can be used in holding different things.


  • Waterproof

You surely don’t want some of your valuables to get wet nor moistened. This is why you should always look for waterproof properties when buying a cooler. Aside from being of durable material, being waterproof can keep your important things dry, safe and protected at all times.

  • Aesthetic

This is a very subjective category, but it might come into play for some who want to have a “smart” looking cooler. Surprisingly, the market features quite a few cooler models, some of which are much more radical than others. Additionally, many come in a wide range of colors and patterns, and many even have choices in the colors of your favorite sports team.


  • External Storage

A common problem that we see people running into is they buy a cooler and then remember they have a few non chilled products that they still wish they could store. Some people tend to forget that things like sunscreen, potato chips, sunglasses, wallets, car keys, towels and the like can’t be stored on the main compartment of the cooler, especially if you aim to keep them dry at room temperature. 


Because of these, it is easier for some people to get a cooler that has additional external or non-insulated compartments apart from the isolated ones. This is particularly common in soft-sided products but some hard-sided products also have these features. 


These varieties of guidelines are tools for having an effective and efficient cooler. Since summer or dry season is approaching, families bond outdoors and bring with them delicious drinks. To achieve a maintained-cold beverage, coolers are one of the best solutions.


There can be many reasons for purchasing a cooler but always remember that the main function of the cooler is to maintain the coldness by being an ice chest. Select and use a high-quality cooler on your outdoor escapades and keep your good as dry, safe, clean and fresh as possible. 

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