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Best Wool Dryer Balls For Dog

Pet parents are some of the biggest masters of handling lots of laundry at once. It isn’t hard to see why; if you care for a dog, you have to deal with quite a few messes! While getting clothes clean is a fairly easy task, drying them afterward can be truly complicated. Wool dryer balls can make it much easier to dry your laundry so your pooch can use their favorite blanket, wear their favorite sweater or cuddle up in their doggie bed quicker. Below you’ll find our top picks for wool dryer balls based on factors such as their ability to remove pet hair and reduce static cling. 


Dr. Cheryl Hart, one of our leading experts on the ins and outs of doggie care, remarked: “The purpose of any set of wool dryer balls is to cut down on how long it takes everything to dry. It’s supposed to suck up some of that moisture and make your laundry feel softer, too.”

Best Wool Dryer Balls

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How to Find The Best Wool Dryer Balls For Your dog


Wool dryer balls are made from 100% wool yarn which keeps our clothes soft and static-free. These are chemical-free and environment-friendly which guarantees that your clothes get dry and fluffy in no time.

How dryer balls work?

Dryer machines tumble clothes inside the chamber which is bombarded with hot air. When clothes are clumped together, the machine has a harder time circulating the air through which results in longer drying time, taking up more electricity. Dryer balls work by creating space between clothes so that the clothes will dry faster. It is also very easy to use. You just put the balls in the dryer and you’re done. If you want to have added fragrance, we suggest pouring a few drops of essential oil. We also recommend putting dryer balls in medium-size loads for more efficient drying time.

Dryer Balls versus Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets have been a part of the laundry routine for a long time because these have been very helpful in softening clothes, reducing static, and giving your clothes a refreshing fragrance. They are affordable and easy to use however our experts have reported that dryer sheets might contain harmful chemicals that might irritate the skin. Also, dryer sheets will cost more in the long run because you have to use a new one with each wash. Dryer balls work on the same principle. These also work as softeners and helps in reducing static. These are better than dryer sheets in some ways because they actually reduce drying time. Dryer balls are also reusable which saves not only time, but also the environment. However, there is no added fragrance in dryer balls. Also, these can tend to be very noisy in the dryer and will unravel if used too much.

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