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Best Wood Floor Cleaner for Dog Owners

Hardwood floors contribute to the design and quality of homes and are known to have a high level of durability. It’s important for homeowners to maintain the quality of the floors to ensure that they continue to look beautiful and remain in excellent condition, which can be difficult if you have a dog in your home. Using a wood floor cleaner is necessary to protect the wood surface and finish, especially in your dog’s areas of high traffic. The Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner is our top pick for its ability to remove dirt and grime without causing unsightly streaks. It’s eco-friendly and is safe to use around children or animals. We gave an honorable mention to Black Diamond Stoneworks Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner for its ease of use. Our green pick is the Method Squirt + Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill, which has a natural scent and added ability to polish while cleaning hardwood and laminate flooring.

Best Wood Floor Cleaner for Dog Owners

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Odor: We chose scent as one of our main factors during the ranking process. We tested how natural each product was and if it left behind too strong of a smell that we worried would affect a dog.

Application: We evaluated the steps involved for applying each product to determine how easy it was to use. We also reviewed the clarity of the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Results: Finally, we evaluated each wood cleaner based on the level of cleanliness they delivered. We tested to determine if each product left behind any residue and how long the results lasted.

Tips for Effective Wood Floor Cleaning

Remove loose dirt and dog fur on the wood floors by vacuuming or sweeping the hard surface. Use a wood floor cleaner while going with the grain of the wood with smooth strokes. Avoid using water if the floors are shellacked or lacquered, as this can lead to damage. The wood cleaning product should have an average pH level of seven to prevent damage to the floors.

The floor can be buffed with the use of a clean cloth and circular strokes. Avoid using water, soap-based cleaners, steam, wax or vinegar on the floors.

A Note About Safety and Storage

Although many of the wood floor cleaning products on today’s market are eco-friendly, they should still be stored in a locked cabinet away from pets and children. Ingesting the products or getting them in your eyes can be hazardous. Keep the products sealed in a dark storage area of the home that is room temperature to preserve the product and increase its shelf life.

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