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Best Wet Dry Vacuum for Cleaning Up After Dogs

Wet dry vacuums are heavy duty and professional types of equipment designed to deep clean different types of surfaces. Whether you’re cleaning up chunks of mud and dirt or clumps of hair and fur, a wet dry vacuum can help you perform a thorough job of removing grime or debris. Every type of mess can be cleaned with the product through the use of different types of nozzles and attachments; these extra tools provide a high level of precision when cleaning hard-to-reach areas. We tested the best wet dry vacuums in the industry to determine which one was most convenient to use and efficient.

Our top pick is the Vacmaster Wet/Dry Vacuum with Detachable Blower, which includes a 12 polypropylene tank as a two-in-one tool that offers a 210 mph leaf blower. It has on-board accessory storage and can easily convert into a detachable blower in seconds for ease of use. Our honorable mention is the Armor All Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum for its impressive power with picking up both wet and dry debris for a quick and efficient cleaning process that is thorough. It also offers easy conversion to a blower function and can prevent overflow with the top handle to avoid messes.  The Sun Joe Wet/Dry Vac took home our green pick because it optimizes for reusable components.

Best Wet Dry Vacuum for Cleaning Up After Dogs

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From our team: Prior to putting your wet-dry vac away in storage we recommend you complete any required maintenance. These steps often only take a couple of minutes, and yet help the product last much longer. When storing be careful of the products that surround your wet/day vacuum. All to often we find consumers pack things into small areas, and end up damaging the hose which then decreases the capacity of the vacuum. Store with care and handle with care when taking in and out of the storage area.


We have our years of experience testing different products in various industries and use specific categories to rate each item that we review to score its overall quality and value. Our testing categories with the wet dry vacuum products include power, efficiency, and durability.

Power: We evaluated the mph of the blower on each wet dry vac to determine its potential with its power when cleaning debris. The type of motor that is used in the product was also a consideration and influenced where it ranks on our list with both its suction and blowing power.

Efficiency: The efficiency and ease of use of each wet dry vac was a top consideration to determine how convenient the equipment is to use while performing different cleaning projects. The type of attachments and hoses that are included influence how the cleaning is performed and how much precision is offered to ensure that small pieces of debris aren’t left behind.

Durability: Durability is an additional category that allowed us to rate each product by examining its construction and the quality of materials that are used. The durability determines its value and potential lifespan, as well as if any parts need to be replaced with frequent use.

Tips for Effective Wet Dry Vac Cleaning

When sucking up nails or cleaning up chunks of rocks, use the right setting to vacuum up debris in the home or on the exterior of the property with a wet vac. Specific attachments are available to ensure that you can remove dirt or grime from hard-to-reach areas in different types of environments. Use the handle on the product to maneuver it around instead of pulling it with the hose to keep the parts secure. Most debris can be removed from different types of settings with the use of the hose attachment, which is flexible and lightweight. Water damage, such as flood remains, can also be tackled with the hose of the wet dry vac.

Those who have drains clogged with pet fur can use the blow setting before placing it deep into the drain to remove the clog without having to call a professional, which can save time and money.

A Note About Safety and Storage

Wet dry vacuums can be stored in a shed or a garage due to their large size and durability when exposed to extreme temperatures or environmental elements. A cover can be used to protect the product from dirt or insects when it’s not in use and increase the lifespan of the parts. Before storing the product, remove stagnant water that is present in the hose. Put the hose in a bucket of water while turning on the vacuum cleaner setting. Place the machine in a dry location while emptying out the drum once it’s filled with water.

The product should be dried thoroughly before it’s stored away to prevent mold or mildew from forming in the parts over time. The filter should also be rinsed and dried with each use.

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