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Best Washable Dog Pee Poo Pad For Dog

Every dog parent knows this one fact: accidents happen, regardless of your dog’s age. We have all had to get the occasional messy stain taken care of and even experienced guilt over letting our dogs go where they shouldn’t. Washable pee pads provide a reliable spot for your dog to go when they need to and are more environmentally (and budget) friendly than disposable pads. We’ve looked at several options, making our top picks based on factors such as size, washability, and absorbency.

One of our experts, Dr. Cheryl Hart, stated: “Picking out a pee pad is all about absorbency. A pad that allows leaks through isn’t doing its job very well. You should also look for something that isn’t prone to sliding around as your dog walks on it.”

Best Washable Dog Pee Poo Pad

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