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Today’s craze of healthy eating and living has extended to the canine world, making for an abundance of vegetarian dog food options for your dog. More than a trendy lifestyle choice, however, going vegetarian might actually be healthier for your dog, especially if he is prone to allergies and has a sensitive tummy, or is a particularly picky eater.

With the hundreds of dog food choices available nowadays, DogGear has poured in tons of research to aid you in finding the best vegetarian options on the market. Simply read on to find out and choose the perfect vegetarian dog food for you and your canine friend.

If you are new to DogGear, we recommend that you first determine to which size your dog falls under – small, medium, or large – based on his weight:

We took the liberty of listing product reviews under three size-based categories to make looking for the perfect product a breeze. If your dog belongs to the medium or large size category, you may skip to the lower sections and start reading. If you have a minute to spare, you may also take our short quiz to figure out the best vegetarian dog food for your canine friend. Just click on the link at the end of this article to take the quiz.

Best Vegetarian Dog Foods

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Best Vegetarian Food for Dogs

Best Vegetarian Food for Small Dogs

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*Our team of experts has also committed hours of research into finding out the perfect vegetarian dog food for your medium-sized pup, and here are our top three picks:

Best Vegetarian Food for Medium Dogs

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*As all dogs deserve the best vegetarian dog food options, we at DogGear also took the time to test and find out the best healthy alternatives for large dogs, and below are our recommendations.

Best Vegetarian Food for Large Dogs

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DogGear Philosophy

Not all dogs are the same. Some are sworn meat lovers, while some are proud vegetarians, just like their human owners. Whether this lifestyle is by choice, or a result of allergic reactions to certain grains and animal proteins, these pups deserve the perfect vegetarian dog food option that suits their needs and helps them grow healthy and strong.

Didn’t Find The Perfect Vegetarian Dog Food For You?

Read on to find out how to pick the best vegetarian dog food and to learn more about the DogGear team’s favorite selections.

What Type Of Vegetarian Dog Food Should You Get?

How to Choose the Best Vegetarian Dog Food for Your Dog

Dog food comes in many different varieties, from meat-based, to poultry, to fish and seafood, vegetarian alternatives, or even a mix of two or more of these varieties. Some dog foods even feature all-natural and GMO-free ingredients.

Furthermore, dog foods are made in various types. They can either be dry, wet, semi-moist, or even dehydrated. Also, dog food can come as raw or home-cooked. Each of these serve different purposes aside from simply what you or your canine friend prefers.

Dry dog food, also called kibble, is the cheapest option among other types of dog food. It is also easy to store and has a long shelf life. Furthermore, chewing dry dog food helps keep dogs’ teeth healthy and strong.

On the other hand, wet dog food, while a more expensive option, is usually your canine friend’s favorite, as it is easy to eat and digest. However, be sure to check the nutritional value of these products, as a lot of them have high water content and thus have diluted nutrients.

There are also semi-moist dog foods, which are made with meat meals and are shaped like real meat, such as steaks and pork chops. These are usually only used as occasional treats as they do not have a lot of the nutritional value needed to sustain your dog’s dietary needs.

With this many options out there, you will certainly not run out of products to choose from. Whether or not you choose to go vegetarian, be sure to properly observe your dog’s needs and preferences, and consult your veterinarian before introducing new food products to your pup.

Whether you are a first time dog-owner and looking to purchase your first vegetarian dog food, or simply searching for a replacement or an upgrade from what you currently feed your beloved pup, remember to consider all these things before choosing the right product for you and your canine friend.

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