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If you are on the go a lot and want to bring your dog with you, it’s definitely a great idea to get a travel or airline crate. These crates meet the necessary requirements for flying on an airplane and provide a secure way to transport your pup. The DogGear experts love traveling with our dogs, so we are excited to share our favorite travel and airline crates with you.

To find the best choice for your dog, first determine their DogGear size based on their weight:

Our travel crates for small dogs are first, while our choices for larger dogs are further down the page.

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 Best Travel Crate For Dogs

Best Travel Crates for Small Dogs

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*The DogGear team did not stop with small travel crates, we moved on and analyzed the travel crates for medium dogs as well. Read on to gain knowledge and save time.

Best Travel Crates for Medium Dogs

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*Last, and certainly not least, the DogGear team did not forget about large travel crates. Keep diving in to our research, woof.

Best Travel Crates for Large Dogs

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DogGear Philosophy

A travel crate is an important product to have if your dog comes along with you on trips. We hope these options are a good starting point on your hunt for the best travel crate for your pup!

Learn more about travel crates and things to consider when purchasing one.

If you’re traveling a longer distance with your dog by car, bus, or airline, you’ll definitely need a special travel/airline crate for the trip. This keeps your dog safe and comfortable during transit, and might even be required by the airline in order to travel with your pet.

There are a few essential things you should know about travel or airline crates, like what sets them apart from regular dog travel crates and what kind you’ll need when traveling with your dog.

Why Airline Crates?

Airline crates are specifically made for air travel with your pets, and they’re perfect if you plan on booking your pet a ticket from one point to another. They’re made from far stronger materials like carbon fiber and aluminum, and they’re made to withstand a long-distance journey.

Usually, airline crates have to be made according to specific regulations that comply with air travel, and you’ll have to choose one that’s the ideal size for your dog.

The Benefits of Travel Crates

The main benefit of airline and travel crates is making sure that even longer distance travel with your pets is a breeze. Of course, the other benefits of airline crates including making the entire experience easier and more comfortable for your pet at the same time.

Especially for longer distance trips, you want your pet to have more than enough room for the trip while at the same time not enough room to run around on a moving plane, right? This is where the average airline crate comes in.

If you want to fly with your pets, it’s something you can’t take on without having an airline travel crate. And there are many owners who convert their travel crates into a comfortable at-home crate when they’re done.

Travel Regulations

Airline and travel crates for your pet are usually mentioned in the traveling guidelines for your specific airline. You can find all the essential information about what materials are allowed for the crate, and more or less what size the crate will need to be in order to be allowed for travel, on your airline’s website or by calling them.

The airline should also be able to tell you more about traveling with your pet in general, like which travel documentation is requested for your pet and where you should pick them up when you’ve arrived at your destination.

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