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Best Storage Trunk

Storage trunks provide extra space as well as security with metal clasps and closures. Lids keep out pets, kids, dust and pet hair. Most can withstand active pets who might nose around and sit or stand on them, while still looking great in your home.

Dr. Cheryl Hart, chiropractor and dog boarder, says, “Storage trunks are efficient for keeping infrequently used items nearby but out of sight. The hardware and latches are typically strong enough to protect contents from pets and pet hair so trunks are especially good for spare bedding.”

Best Storage Trunk

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How to Find The Best Storage Trunk For Your dog

Store Your Stuff with the Best Storage Trunks

One of the key essentials in keeping our homes a nice, lovely place to live in is cleaning and organizing. It goes without saying that a messy place will never look appealing to everyone, especially if you have a few guests to accommodate. Whether you’re expecting a few visitors for a small event or dealing with a random day, being organized is key. Besides, it’s fun to know how to put things in order, manage space accordingly and express your personality!

One great tool we can use to achieve a well-organized space is by using a storage trunk. Storage trunks are used as permanent or short-term storage solutions. They are boxes that can be used for storing your personal items. Your family members can have their own storage trunks too!

What are Storage Trunks?

Trunks are one of the oldest and useful pieces of furniture created in history. They’re originally meant for storage purposes, especially for people who are traveling in different areas. The first storage trunks released in the U.S were made of wood. All throughout the years and decades, more and more trunks have been manufactured. They’re now serving different purposes. They also come in different sizes, shapes, materials, and designs too!

Why Buy a Storage Trunk?

People purchase storage trunks when they need extra storage in their homes. Sometimes, our built-in cabinets and small pull-out drawers are not enough. With the use of storage trunks, you can store your essentials on the go.

These storage trunks come with locks or tie-down hooks for security and durability purposes. Typically, a storage trunk is a fifteen inch deep, fifteen inch tall, and thirty inch wide box.

Features to Consider in Buying the Best Storage Trunk

Ready to store your personal items? You might want to read our buying tips in choosing the best storage trunk suitable for your lifestyle.

  • Quality

Make sure to consider buying a storage trunk with the best of quality. Quality has always been subjective, but you can always depend on a few things in order to find out whether a storage truck is a high-quality product or not.

Consider buying one made from premium quality materials like durable polyester fabric. Fine stitching and reinforced base plates are also key indicators.

  • Durability

Nobody would prefer to buy a storage trunk that does not last long. A robust structure should be everything you need. It should also be able to withstand a few things that can damage your essentials. If you’ve seen “water-resistant” or “weather-resistant” in the label, that’s a good sign.

You can also look for a storage trunk that has a rust-free feature. This is applicable if you’re buying one made from stainless steel. You surely don’t want to see chipping paint and rusted spots on your trunk. 

  • Security

Security is an essential factor too. You surely don’t want everyone to have access to your important stuff. Basically, you can choose one with secure locks or padlock latches. It is also advisable to find a storage trunk that has secure-tie down straps. This will all boil down to what items you are storing. 

  • Versatility

Think about what you would like to have for your storage trunk. You will surely prefer to buy one where you can put a lot of things, so more space is better.

How about looking for specific features that can make storing and organizing easier? Find a storage trunk that has a removable panel which would give you more flexibility in arranging your essentials inside. You can adjust spaces depending on how big or small your items are.

You may also look for extra fixed compartments that are meant for specific items only. Instead of spending too much time arranging your essentials in one huge space, you can divide the space according to your needs.

  • Portability

One of the best features of storage trunks is that they’re portable. You can bring them from one room to another. You can even load it up inside your car trunk if you’re on a getaway! 

For this, you can buy a trunk equipped with ergonomic handles that won’t give you hassle in carrying your items. Smooth-rolling wheels are also a huge advantage for people who prefer strolling their trunks.

  • Cost

For some people, cost is an essential factor too. The price of your storage trunks depends on a variety of factors, which are mentioned above. If you’re on a budget, it’s best to set your budget range and know all the available products within that range. Then, start hunting.

After all, they’re not that costly. If the storage trunk can do the job, and even exceed your expectations, you can tell that the money is worth it.

Proper storage can help you achieve a well-managed space and a thoroughly-organized house. Using a storage trunk would be essential in doing this as it sorts out everything you keep and use every day. Remind yourself that an ideal storage trunk should be made from durable materials, with versatile uses, safety features, portable add-ons, and more. Just look for one that goes within your budget and start organizing and decluttering all your stuff!

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