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Best Step On Water Fountains For Dogs

Having an active dog is fun but is also a big responsibility. Since your pet loves to be out and about in your backyard or lawn, you need to make sure it stays hydrated. With a step-on water fountain in place, your dog will not only be able to quench his thirst but will also have some fun! A step-on water fountain is better than keeping a bowl of water outside as it provides fresh and cool water rather than warm and full of floating debris. With so many options available in the market, make the right choice!

Best Step On Water Fountains

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How to Find The Best Step On Water Fountains For Your dog

Step Foot on This Water Fountain Step-On for Dogs

Every living thing needs to be hydrated at all times to remain alive and kicking. What more for your active dog? Dogs need water to maintain healthy fur and skin, and since they like to play a lot outside no matter the weather, it also helps in regulating their body temperature when it becomes too high.

Nobody wants to drink water that has been sitting there for hours, gathering dust and who-knows-what. Just like humans, dogs prefer fresh and clean drinking water. In which, to provide a continuous flow of cool and refreshing drinking water for your pooch, dog water fountains are made available on the market.  Dog water fountain step-ons can do a much better job not only as a source of hydration, but also with improving your dog’s drinking habits.

Why Purchase a Water Fountain Step-on for Your Dog?

  • Advanced Technology

A step-on water fountain usually does not require batteries or electricity. All you need to have is a faucet and a hose, and the water pressure is adjustable with the control valve so you can control how much water will come out.

This water fountain is also not complicated to use for your dog and was made to be convenient, but it does not compromise the materials used to make it strong and durable.

  • Easy to Install

It is ideal for outdoor use. Just connect the device to a faucet using a hose and you can place it anywhere where your dog can easily find it.

  • Reduce Human Intervention for Cleaning Purposes

Water bowls need to be cleaned daily because they collect dirt, grime, and even some debris. Meanwhile, a water fountain step-on does not collect any of those, and you will not have a problem with having to change your dog’s drinking water from time to time.

  • Provides Clean and Fresh Water

The water will never go stagnant if it is not just exposed to open air and dust. The only time it will come out is when your dog steps on the paddle and the water will always be as fresh and as clean as it is every time since it is directly connected to the faucet.

  • Stimulates Your Dog

A little training should be done to get your furry friend to get used to the simple yet easy way of using the step-on water fountain. Once he gets used to it, it will be easier to direct him into turning it into a habit. It will provide less hassle for you and your dog.

Important Features to Consider

There are some things that you have to look out for when purchasing a good and effective water fountain step-on for your beloved dog. Here are some of them.

  • Material

Water fountain step-ons can be made from different materials such as plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, and even copper. If you opt for one made from plastic, it is recommended to choose a high-quality plastic free of BPA and toxins to ensure your dog’s safety.

The type of material used for the fountain can also be a way of telling its durability and how much it can withstand your dog’s playful personality.

  • Capacity

The amount of water that dogs need differs depending on their size. It is important that you should consider your dog’s size so as to know how much they will need, so you can set it up on the fountain’s settings.

In addition, an average dog drinks up to one ounce of water per day, and this may even increase during the hot weather—so make sure to set up the right water pressure that can help them hydrate well.

  • Noise

A water fountain step-on should not be noisy for it might frighten your dog, especially for first-timers. Noise can cause dogs to be put-off from drinking from the fountain or going near the fountain at all. This does not only affect them, but also you since the noise may disrupt your daily activities. Always remember to check for this kind of problem before purchasing.

  • Design and Appearance

It is always a choice between practical reasons over personal preference, but why not both?  You can always choose a design that will go well with your preferred style, but always keep in mind that convenience should always be the top priority. What is easier for your dog to use and will not cause harm to the both of you? This is a question that can help you out.

If you decide to have a dog at home, you should be ready to provide him basic things that a human also needs. Providing them clean and fresh drinking water is just one of them—but nowadays, you can give easy water access to your dog through a quality step-on water fountain. It is not only for showing how much technology has improved but also to aid you and your dog to have a better and easier lifestyle.

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