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Best Stand Mixers

Stand mixers are a staple in most kitchen’s around the world. These handy tools provide convenience when mixing foods and can be especially useful for dog owners who choose to make their own homemade dog foods and pet treats. Eliminating the need for several items when mixing, stand mixers utilize space in the kitchen and convenience when cooking, while also being easy to clean after use. 

Dr. Jarett Gilpin, General Practice Veterinarian for Glenwood Veterinary Clinic states, “Dog owners who make homemade dog food and treats know exactly what kind of diet their pets are following. A trusted stand mixer is a must for this. These mixers help ensure all ingredients are thoroughly combined making it easier for smaller dogs to ingest. When choosing a stand mixer, quality, durability, and ease of use are important aspects to keep in mind.”

Best Stand Mixers

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How to Find The Best Stand Mixers For Your dog


In every household, it’s always great to have an electric mixer because of the numerous tasks it could accomplish without too much effort and mess. Whisking, stirring, and even kneading has been made easy thanks to this tool. There are two main types of electric mixtures: a hand mixer and a stand mixer. This article shows why stand mixers are the better choice for your baking needs and the factors you should consider when selecting a stand mixer.


To determine the best type of electric mixer, you should consider the kind of foods you usually prepare and the process you undergo in preparing it. Hand mixers are ideal to use for light chores such as whipping cream and beating a couple of eggs. Since it is handheld, you will be able to control the course of the beaters and you can also use just about any type of bowl. It is also easier to stash away in your drawer and cabinet. However, hand mixers lack the power and self-sufficiency that stand mixers have. Stand mixers have a powerful motorized base that supports the beaters and a bowl that is attached underneath. These are able to get through stiff doughs and thick custards. Most stand mixers also have several accessories that can be attached to the base for a more versatile work. Compared to handheld mixers, you have better mobility when using stand mixers because you can just put in the ingredients, crank the dial, and let the mixer do the work while you focus on other tasks.

What to Look For in Stand Mixers

  •       Multiple Speeds

Most stand mixers have about four to eight speeds while high-quality brands have as much as sixteen speeds. We recommend getting stand mixers with multiple well-differentiated speeds so you can use it for various processes. The slowest speed should be able to prevent splattering and the fastest speed should be able to break large solid chunks.

  •       Large Bowl Capacity

Since stand mixers have fixed bowls, we recommend getting one that would be able to accommodate the amount of batter you usually prepare. Most stand mixers have a bowl capacity of about four to five liters, but there are larger bowls available if you often prepare larger batches.

  •       Durable Materials

When selecting stand mixer materials, any material will do when it comes to the base and stand as long as you make sure that the beaters are made from stainless steel to prevent wear and tear. As for the bowl material, stainless steel is usually used because it prevents staining and is dishwasher safe, but there are also other options such as ceramic and glass. 

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