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Best Sound Machine

A sound machine can provide comfort and soothing relief to anxious or worried dogs when you’re not at home. You can choose from white noise machines with many added features like soundscapes and timers. Here are some of the best sound machines on the market with the most useful functions to choose from. 

Denise, Physical Therapist and dog lover, says, “Dogs crave interaction and when you can’t be there, a sound machine is the next best way to keep them company.” 

Best Sound Machine

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How to Find The Best Sound Machine For Your dog


Living in a quiet neighborhood is a luxury that some people take for granted. Traffic, loud roommates, and construction noises often cause problems for light sleepers and newborn babies. These types of noises can also make people who work from home lose focus which can lead to more problems. Getting a sound machine can save you from the headache of having to deal with noises so you can be more productive and have a better sleep quality.

How a Sound Machine Works

Sound machines produce “white noise”, an audio signal that combines the sounds produced by different frequencies while reducing distracting background sounds. A sound machine will produce a calming sound that enables you to focus on your work or have better sleep quality. Usually, a sound machine will have different categories that will produce a specific sound. Natural sounds include waves, wind, rain, and other soothing animal noises. Ambient sounds are also produced to mimic common noises such as traffic and crowds. Some examples of white noise also include appliances that have light sounds such as electric fans and dishwashers.

Finding the Best Setting

Since people have different sleeping or working preferences, sound machines are built to be customizable, depending on the function. Most sound machines produce audio that ranges from forty to seventy decibels. For comparison, forty decibels are like bird calls while fifty to sixty decibels sound like background music or an air fan placed a hundred feet away from you. Seventy decibels are comparable to a vacuum cleaner or a TV playing. It is important to moderate your sound machine setting because if you set the machine too low, it might not block out outside sounds but too much noise might lead to hearing problems.

Factors to Consider 


In choosing the best sound machine, it is important to determine your intended purpose so that you can select which features will best suit your needs. If you need sound machines to assist you in falling asleep, be sure to select one with several different natural sounds. If you live near a busy neighborhood or if you sleep next to someone who snores, you need a sound machine with masking features to block out the unnecessary noise so it is best to look for a model that produces high-pitched sounds.

  •       Features

If your sound machine is able to give you a deep and peaceful sleep, you might have trouble waking up in the morning. There are many white noise machine models that have built-in alarm systems to have an easier transition from sleeping to waking up. A timer is also an essential feature to have if you want to lessen the power consumption of your machine. If you use your sound machine for meditation or to focus on work, get one with a looping feature. Some models also feature headphone accessibility for private listening. If you are constantly traveling, it is best to get a compact sound machine that is battery operated.

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