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As a pet owner, you would know that begging might be considered a natural behavior of dogs that you almost always give in to. However, giving in to the begging actually reinforces that behavior. Why some might find it adorable, begging is actually a common behavior problem that many dog owners have to face. As the behavior gets reinforced, your dog will be continuously be begging for food every single time it sees you or others having a snack or meal.

While you, as a dog owner, might accept it and even find it endearing at times, other people might not be quite happy with it. This is especially true while you are having a meal with other friends or family.

The good thing is that there are actually some methods and things you can do so that you dog can stop this type of behavior. What are those? Take a look at some of these tips to help you and your pet below:


Dealing with or handling your pet’s behavior can be hard, especially when it comes to begging for food. What is important to remember is not to give in and give your dog food whenever it begs, so that you can start to put an end to this behavior one step at a time. Your dog won’t be able to tell that the behavior isn’t allowed, especially if you give in to their pleas from time to time. This is why it is important not to give in to your pet whenever it barks or whines while you are eating. Giving in to such behaviors will only teach your pet that such behavior is allowed, and that they get food by doing it.


Having their own place where your pet can have its meals also plays a vital role in keeping them from begging. Getting food in a designated place means that they will only expect to be fed at that area, and not anywhere else.


Another tip in stopping your dog from begging for food is by keeping it distracted or occupied during mealtimes. You can give it a chew toy so that it will be preoccupied and so that it can also do something enjoyable while you can have your meal.

You can also feed your dog during the same time that you will be having your meal. Put your pet’s food in the designated area and ignore him if he goes to the dining table and begs for food. After eating, get your dog’s food bowl even if it has been eaten or not. This is to teach your dog that he has a designated food area and mealtime.


If your dog is still a puppy, you can teach it so that aggressive and food-guarding behavior can be prevented in the future. This is so that there will also be a lesser chance for your dog to develop it. What you can do is to teach it while it’s still a puppy. Go near its food bowl and drop something good, such as a treat. This will condition your dog and help it associate that good things are going to happen when someone goes near him while he is eating or when he has food.

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