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Best Small Dog Collars

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It’s important to make sure your dog has a reliable collar that is durable and comfortable, especially if he or she will wear it even while inside. Check out our favorite collars for small dogs below!

Small Dog Collars

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Why invest in a custom collar?

One of the most important items to purchase for your dog is a collar. These should be  worn daily and attach to an appropriate leash. A variety of different styles of collars are available on the market, depending on what it will be used for and the size of the dog. If you’re looking for a collar to be used long-term and is comfortable for your pet to wear, then you should invest in a custom collar.


Custom collars can be personalized, which means having your dog’s name on the product for a unique item to make the dog identifiable. It can also include your phone number or address to ensure the dog is returned to you if they ever get lost. The color of the collar and the print used can also be selected to make it reflect the personality of your pooch.

Accommodates Their Lifestyle

Custom collars can also accommodate the lifestyle of your pet, whether they spend a significant amount of time in the water or spend most of their time indoors. Fabric collars are ideal for pets not afraid to get dirty outdoors, especially if they spend their time in the grass, mud, and water. The material is extremely durable and holds up well when coming in contact with water. Many pet owners also enjoy the fact fabric collars can be thrown into the washing machine. Leather, upscale collars are ideal for dogs who spend most of their time inside. 

A Proper Fit

Ordering a custom collar means providing the manufacturer with specific measurements of your dog’s neck. This ensures a fit better than standard collars. Your dog will feel more comfortable while wearing the item and won’t be able to pull it off. Measure their neck with a tape measure and add two extra inches to prevent it from being too snug. Smaller dogs should only have one inch added to their neck’s measurement for the collar. Wait until puppies are fully grown to ensure the collar doesn’t need to be replaced in the future as the animal grows into an adult.

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