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When you sit down to brush your dog, you want to have a reliable brush that can get the job done without needing elbow grease. Read on to learn about great, easy-to-use brushes for small dogs!

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Grooming tips for small dogs

As an owner of a smaller dog, you have the benefit of performing some grooming at home. More complex procedures should be done by a grooming professional, but with a few tips and lots of love, you can save time and money while spending some quality time with your furry friend. The following tips will help you groom your small dog at home.  

Play First

Small dogs are full of energy and have difficulty sitting still for long periods of time. Incorporate some playtime with your dog before starting a grooming session. Playtime will help them expend some energy and calm down. Pick a 15 to 20 minute activity which usually puts your pooch in a good mood so they will be more receptive to a grooming session. If the grooming goes well, you can reward your best friend with post-playtime as well.

Know Your Breed

Do not assume your small dog will warm up to the idea of grooming. If you have an active dog, for example, the very sight of you gathering grooming tools can make them anxious and jumpy. However, breeds which are often show dogs, such as poodles, will very likely welcome grooming sessions.

Dogs have different personalities, just like humans. Treat your small dog accordingly. Do not insist on long, tedious grooming sessions if they do not like excessive touching and stroking.

Brush Beforehand for Successful Grooming

Knotted and matted hair is difficult to comb out when wet and can cause your little fellow a lot of pain. So, brush your dog’s coat before the bathing process whether he has a long coat or not. Brushing or combing beforehand has a few benefits. One, you remove knots and mats and possible debris in the fur. Two, you will be able to spot-check for sore spots, skin irritations or parasites. Lastly, if your little guy likes a gentle brushing, this will be a bonus treat and reward before putting him in the water.

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