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Best Scented Toys For Dogs

Just like human children, our fur babies will eventually get bored with their toy collection. When this happens, the best thing to do is help them find something new to play with. Scented toys can offer the perfect amount of stimulation while your pooch plays by incorporating their strongest sense – smell. The four toys we’ve listed below have been carefully vetted and are sure to give your dog hours of amazing fun. 

We asked Dr. Jarett Gilpin, our leading expert on pet exercise and stimulation, what she looks for in a high-quality scented dog toy. She stated, “What I look for is a scent that excites dogs – something they love to smell. Meaty scents, savory scents, anything that appeals to pups. It should be noticeable, but not too obnoxious, and durable enough for dogs to chew on and have a blast with for a pretty good while.”

Best Scented Toys For Dogs

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