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Best Scented Dryer Sheets For Dog

As the proud parent of a fur baby, you know the job comes with a lot of love and a lot of responsibility. One of those responsibilities is a neverending amount of laundry! As lovable and devoted as our pets are, they’re prone to making a lot of messes. While there are a lot of tools to make the washing process easier, drying all of those loads can be a bit trickier. 

The right scented dryer sheets can render your pup’s belongings perfectly dry and smelling fresher than ever before. With a bit of testing, we found some of the best options available in scented dryer sheets based on factors such as the scent of the product, its ability to fight wrinkles and static, and how much it can cut down drying time.

Dr. Cheryl Hart said, “Good dryer sheets can do a lot to keep items you use around your pet fresh, from dog gear and clothing to pet beds. Some people may not think of using a dryer sheet for their pets’ items but it an effective way to keep items clean and help reduce odors in the home.”

Best Scented Dryer Sheets

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