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Rope leashes are a great choice if you’re a sailing enthusiast or mountain climber, since they can help your dog feel like they’re a part of your hobby. Not only that, rope leashes are durable and can be gentler on your hands, especially if your dog pulls a lot.

We’ve organized our favorite rope leashes by the size of dog they are appropriate for. Here at DogGear, we determine our size categories by dog weight:

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best rope dog leashes on the market.

Best Rope Dog Leashes

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DogGear Philosophy

The leash you pick will depend on a lot of factors like design, how you’d like the handle to fit in your hand, how durable the leash needs to be, and whether you will walk at night. Rope leashes can come in simple colors or in a variety of colors, and there are plenty of handle options that will be comfortable for any hand size and strength. Rope leashes are also durable and usually have reflective threads woven in. They make a great choice for any dog. If you’re still not sure what kind of leash to get, check out our overall leashes page for recommendations on leather leashes, training leashes, bicycle leashes, and more!

How to Find the Perfect Rope Leash For You?

Learn more below about how to find the best rope leash for your pup.

Every dog needs a leash – they’re essential for taking your dog for a walk (at least if you don’t want your dog to run away with you and take you for a walk instead…). They also make for an essential training tool when teaching your dog how to stay and which side of you to walk on.

The rope leash is an excellent alternative to the traditional leash, and it can be a big help to you and your dog in a lot of ways.

Here’s what you should know about rope leashes for your dog and why you might want to try one out.

Why a Rope Leash?

Instead of being made from the usual materials like nylon or leather, rope leashes are instead made from intricately woven rope – this makes that it as strong (if not stronger) than your traditional dog leash, and it’s guaranteed not to hurt, hamper or choke your dog.

A rope leash gives your dog enough space, and a lot of dogs who are scared of leashes that make any kind of sound (like the click-return-sound of a retractable leash) find that a rope leash is much easier for their needs.

Why a Rope Leash Can Be Better

A rope leash allows your dog to have enough reach without allowing them to run too far off without you. You can still reign in your dog when it’s necessary to do so without having to worry about restricting your dog too much.

A rope leash is also a great way to help a dog get used to wearing a leash in the first place, and while some dogs will chew their leashes, using a rope leash is a great way to discourage this.

Used in the right way, a rope leash can last you for a much longer time than your traditional dog leash – and your dog will be much less inclined to chew it. (If they still chew their leash, give it a light spray of aloe spray, available at most drug stores. It’ll taste horrible, and just a few tries should make them stop doing it entirely – of course, remember to wash the leash once this has worked!)

Tips for Using a Rope Leash

Ensure that your dog has enough space around their neck so that they can move and breathe comfortably without being able to slip out. The rule of thumb says that two fingers of space is enough. (The same goes for your dog’s collar if your rope leash attaches to it.)

To get the best use out of your rope leash, give it a proper wash at least once per month.

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