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Find the Perfect Dog Remote Treat Dispenser For Your Pup

Being separated from your dog can be sad for both of you! But a remote treat dispenser can keep you connected through the day, and also lets your pup know you care about them.

Our top picks for remote treat dispensers are below. We hope this helps you get started on your search for the right remote treat dispenser for your dog!

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Best Remote Treat Dispenser for Dogs

Best Dog Remote Treat Dispenser for Dogs

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DogGear Philosophy

If you’re away from home, you can still reward your dog for good behavior with a remote treat dispenser. This automatic dispensing device links to your mobile device – all you need to do is tap a button, and your pooch gets a tasty treat.

Learn more about remote treat dispensers below.

About Remote Treat Dispensers

These devices connect via Wi-Fi to a web interface or app that you use to monitor and reward your dog. You can watch and listen to your dog through the app, which connects directly to the unit and then click a button on your phone to dispense a treat.

This device is useful when you’re away from home, particularly if you want to check in on your pooch and then reward them for good behavior like keeping calm and quiet. The dispenser has a compartment that stores the treats. You place the goodies between the fans, and the delivery arm scoots the snacks along until they drop on the floor, or into your dog’s crate.

The lower housing holds a stepper motor, which rotates the fan when you click the button on your phone to give the command. Choose a dispensing mechanism that works with different varieties of treats (unless you know you will only use one type, and are certain the product works with that type of treat).

We recommend buying a dispenser that sends video feed in real time. That way, you can reward good behavior when it happens, without any delay. It’s no good dispensing a treat when your dog has already left the room.

Another essential feature is tamper-proof housing. Your dog will quickly learn that the dispenser is the source of tasty snacks. They’ll do everything they can to tip it over and break into the housing. Choose a model with suction cups on the base or that mounts on the wall to prevent your dog from knocking it over and treating themselves. A strategy you can use to prevent the spillage of the unit is to mount it to the wall or position it on the lip of a table, out of your furry friend’s reach.

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