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Best Push Broom to Clean Up Dog Hair

A push broom is a necessary staple in every household with a dog. At least once a week, it’s important to take a broom to all of your hard flooring, porches and balconies to clear them of your dog’s hair. However, even the best brooms wear down over time. Should this happen to you, you’ll need to invest in a new broom to keep your house tidy.

Of course, finding a broom suitable for picking up fine pet hair isn’t easy. The last thing you want to do is pick up the cheapest broom you can buy; doing this guarantees you’ll end up missing fur as you sweep. Putting a little extra money down on a high-quality broom goes a long way. That being said, here are some of the best brooms designed to pick up your dog’s dander. We’ve thoroughly tested each broom listed here for four key attributes.

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Testing Categories

  • Application – One of the most important considerations, particularly when it comes to selecting brooms, is how easy it is to use. During our tests, our team tested the difficulty of wielding each broom—how heavy they were, the flexibility of the bristles, and overall maneuverability. All of our “best” options listed here are lightweight and easy to wield.
  • Effectiveness – A good broom shouldn’t just be easy to push back and forth; it should also be efficient at picking up dirt, fur, and whatever mess your dog has made. We took this consideration heavily into account as we tested our brooms.
  • Durability – A broom that snaps or caves in after just a few months of use isn’t a good quality broom and definitely isn’t worth the purchase. We put our brooms under a few short “stress tests” to see how they held up under pressure. As such, the brooms listed here are all fairly tough and can handle a wide array of sweeping jobs.

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