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Best Puppy Pads for Small Dogs

Bringing a new puppy home is initially a bit challenging as you need to train the furry little being to relieve itself in a certain spot. While puppies are quite clever and learn to do so fairly quickly, it may be difficult to let them dig their paws into the mud if you live in an apartment. This is where puppy pads come in which are made of highly absorbent material and are a lifesaver for pet parents. The cleanup is very easy as they only need to be tossed in trash. With so many puppy pads for small dogs available in the market, we have shortlisted the best ones here for your convenience.

Best Puppy Pads for Small Dogs

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How to Find The Best Puppy Pads for Small Dogs For Your dog

How to Choose Puppy Pads for Small Dogs

Potty training is the most challenging thing you can ever tackle in your life as a fur parent. Luckily for you, puppy pads can make this process a bit easier. 

Puppy training pads will minimize the mess that your puppy makes while it is being trained. It will also help teach your pup which area of your home it can poop or pee in. 

With that in mind, here are some of the things to keep in mind when choosing puppy pads for small dogs.


This is the most crucial factor of all. Make sure that the pads can hold a decent amount of liquid. If possible, opt for ones that are labeled highly absorbent.


The pads need to absorb the pee, but must also be able to hold it properly. Some pads may leak the liquids through the underside when they are too full. To avoid this, look for ones that have a 100% leak-proof guarantee. 

Quick-dry Top Layer

The puppy pad’s absorbency power will be put to waste if the pad’s top layer is not quick-dry. This feature will ensure that your puppy will not step in the urine after peeing. This will prevent it from tracking urine all over the floors of your home.

Odor Control

Even if your dog pees in the same spot every day, your house will still reek of dog urine if the puppy pads don’t have odor control. Using pads with odor control will ensure that your home will smell fresh all day long.


You can find pads that contain “attractants.” They are called such because they contain chemicals like pheromone, ammonia, or grass scents designed to attract your puppy so it will pee and poop only in the designated spot. This will prevent your dog from peeing in the different areas of your home.

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