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Best Puppy Foods

A happy, healthy pup needs plenty of quality food to chow down on to grow up to be big and strong. Since it’s your special fur baby, you want to make sure your puppy has the best food available. While there are countless choices, it takes time to find the right one for your pup. Whether your pup prefers dry or wet food, has a preference for a certain meat, or likes specific veggies, there’s something for even the pickiest of pups and their parents.

Professional dog handler, Jarett Gilpin, said, “I read labels carefully to see what’s in a puppy food before purchasing. I look for premium ingredients that not only my pup will love and taste great, but are healthy and easy for him to digest.”

Best Puppy Foods

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How to Find The Best Puppy Foods For Your dog


Today, shopping for puppy food can be overwhelming. One that could provide complete and balanced nutrition that is specifically for your pet’s age, breed, size, and diet is a perfect choice. Puppy food can be crucial since puppies grow the fastest during this stage. In choosing the right type for your furry babies, you should have basic knowledge about the guidelines for pet food and the nutrient requirements of puppies. We also recommend that you consult with your local veterinarian on which puppy food is best. Selecting the right brand, following the package labels, and maintaining the feeding charts based on age and weight are just a few factors in getting the right food for your puppies.


The first five months of a dog’s life are where their bodies are changing rapidly every day, and accordingly, the nutrient requirement also changes very quickly. In fact, puppies should eat an amount twice more than an adult dog of the same breed for a certain time. Most fur-parents usually start introducing solid food at four to six weeks when mother’s milk isn’t enough to provide enough calories to fuel their growth and to suffice daily playing and learning. Puppies must have sufficient energy and nutrients to develop organs and build bones, teeth, and muscles.

They should eat three to four small meals a day from the time they transition to solid foods through four to six months because they need extra nutrients for growth and development. They can be fed at a twice-a-day interval until adulthood to maintain their bodies. With premium food, puppies have to be fed less to achieve the same results because they have higher nutritional density. Puppy foods have higher quality ingredients and specialized diet formulas to meet their needs.

Puppies can slowly shift to adult dog food when they reach 90% of their expected adult weight. It can happen after nine to eighteen months depending on the breed. 


  •       Canned Food

Canned food or wet food is the tastiest, but the most expensive food for dogs. They are considered to be more nutritious than dry food because it contains moisture, more protein, fewer carbohydrates, and less artificial preservatives. Giving puppies a complete balanced diet is best for their growth. Canned food has the most moisture content so it is needed to be stored at temperatures of 50℉-70℉, and covered and refrigerated at 40℉-45℉ when opened to avoid spoilage.

  •       Semi-Moist Food

Semi-moist food is sold in one-serving packets that usually look like hamburgers which makes it very convenient to serve. It has extra sugar and salt so occasional feeding of semi-moist food would be best paired with serving of meats or kibbles. It’s best to check with your veterinarian before subjecting your puppy to a semi-moist food diet.

  •       Kibble

Kibble or dry food is the most convenient and economical type that could fulfill the nutritional requirements at ease. Another advantage of kibbles is that it helps keep the gums and teeth healthy. They can be served dry or moist with a mix of water or canned food to make it tastier. For puppies younger than eight weeks, moistening until it feels spongy will help them chew.

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