Discover the Best Bed for Your Puppy

Find the Perfect Puppy Beds

To choose the perfect puppy bed, there are certain things that you’ll want to keep in mind. A puppy bed is a little different than other dog beds that you might choose. For one thing, puppy beds need to be able to comfort your dog, who may not be entirely comfortable being on his or her own. That means that you want a bed that they can snuggle up in and feel safe. There are other considerations as well. Your puppy is going to grow fast, and unless you want to spend a great deal of money, you may want to go with a slightly larger size than the one that is best for your dog. You’ll have to balance that with getting them a bed that they can curl up in.

Finally, you want to take a look at the materials used, the quality of construction, how durable the bed is when it comes to chewing and other factors like style and color. You also need to make sure that your puppy can easily get in and out of their bed. A bed that is too large or too high will be difficult for puppies with short little legs to climb in comfortably and they might ignore the bed completely. We’ve organized our top picks by dog size (of full-grown dogs) so that you can ensure you get the right size of bed for your puppy:

Now, let’s take a look at some great puppy beds.