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Used by multiple DogGear team members, a prong collar is a great training option for excessive pullers or for dogs who just need a little extra correction. While these collars might look cruel or inhumane, they are actually very effective and painless – they distribute pressure evenly around your dog’s neck to remind them that you’re the one in charge! We recommend working with a trainer to properly size and use this kind of collar.

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We’ve organized our selections by size for small, medium, and large dogs. Our top choices for small dogs are up first. You can scroll further down the page to find our choices for larger dogs, or try our quiz for a personalized recommendation.

Best Prong Collars

I have used prong collars for years now. When used correctly, a prong collar can make your life so much easier, even with the most stubborn dogs. My personal favorite brand is Herm Sprenger. They are made from the best material and last a long time. I prefer a model with a quick snap-buckle for ease of putting on and taking off.

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Best Prong Collars for Dogs

Best Prong Collars for Small Dogs

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*The DogGear team did not stop with small prong collars, we looked at prong collars for medium dogs as well. Check out our top choices!

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*Finally, we reviewed the best prong collars for large dogs.

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DogGear Philosophy

We at DogGear have used and tested a number of prong collars and this page is an overview of our favorites. The prong collar is the collar of choice of our team for a number of our canine companions. We have found this type of collar to be an effective and safe behavior-changing tool. If the prong collar is not the best collar for your dog, please take a look at the overall dog collars page. We have an overview of leather collars, Martingale collars, shock collars, anti-bark collars, and more!

Learn more about how to find the best prong collar for your pup.

Some dog collars are suited specifically for everyday walks with your dog; other dog collars are made for more specialized needs in mind, such as dog training. Usually, these are collars that should only be used for a few minutes at a time, and usually only for training purposes – or to make a dog more used to the feeling of a leash.

Here’s more information about prong collars and when you should use one for your dog.

What are Prong Collars?

Prong collars are a special type of collar that’s made for dog training. Ideally, they are used for training dogs that need a firmer hold, and are usually applied to older dogs that have developed a jumping or running habit that results in the dog running away with its owner. Sometimes, this can be dangerous – and the temporary use of a prong collar can be enough to discourage this trait for your dog.

Are Prong Collars Harmful to Dogs?

There’s a lot of misinformation out there that says all dog prong collars are harmful to dogs all the time. No, they’re not meant to be harmful – and if they hurt your dog at all, you’ve probably tightened it too much and shouldn’t be using a prong collar for your dog in the first place.

When used right, prong collars aren’t harmful to most dogs at all, but if your dog shows signs of fear, pain, or discomfort with a dog prong collar, it’s best to move on with something else or try an alternate dog collar instead.

Using Your Prong Collar

When should prong collars be used for your dog? They have the potential to be a great training tool for dogs, especially dogs who have a habit of running in front of their owners or traffic. In cases like these, it can be great to make temporary use of a prong collar to train your dog – a prong collar stops your dog from running ahead, although some dogs do consider the collar to be too restrictive to movement.

If you’ve chosen a dog prong collar for your dog, it’s important that you use it carefully – and only temporarily for walks or training time. Praise them when they do the right thing, and never be too harsh with dogs for being, well, dogs. Sometimes even an intensive dog training routine will deserve a break. If you need help sizing the prong collar correctly, speak with a trainer and have them help out.

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