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Best Premium Pet Blanket For Dog

What measure is a high-quality, premium pet blanket? For starters, your dog can easily find a warm, comfortable place to rest with this item. It can bring a sense of comfort to them, especially while you’re away. Whether you’re trying to keep your pup off the furniture as much or simply want to give them a special place to relax, a premium pet blanket can serve this need well. After some testing, we’ve found several great pet blankets made with quality materials that are comfy for pets as well as easy to keep clean.

Dr. Cheryl Hart, a member of our expert team, remarked: “Choosing a pet blanket is all about comfort! You want something that feels good to your dog, that they’ll be happy to snuggle up in. Do a touch test if you can, to see how soft the blanket feels. If it feels good to you, your dog will definitely love it, too.”

Best Premium Pet Blanket

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How to Find The Best Premium Pet Blanket For Your dog


A pet blanket’s primary purpose is to shield or shelter an animal from cold. This item is usually given to dogs and cats. Pet blankets are used as the primary bedding of the animal; however, some pet blankets may be used as a supplement to the pet bedding. Pet blankets may be used inside and outside the home.


Pet blankets give the animal a sense of warmth, comfort, and familiarity, especially if the family just moved into a new home. A pet blanket will offer a sense of comfort and security to a beloved pet. The pet may nibble or burrow into it. A pet blanket may also help with separation anxiety especially with new puppies. The blanket is used when handling and transporting puppies from one place to another. It will also help seniors and sickly dogs to keep warm and retain their body heat. A pet blanket also serves as a protective layer on top of the bedding. This will ensure that the bed will be protected from scratches, tears, and bites. For family bonding time, the pet blanket may be placed on top of the couch or bed to limit the amount of fur, hair, dirt, and drool that gets left behind during playtime. For easy traveling, a pet blanket may also be used inside the car, or as the bedding inside the crate, to provide comfort to the animal.


  • Size

Pet blankets have different sizes available on the market, ranging from small to large, depending on the size of the dog. Some blanket may be folded to serve as the bedding, some bankers may be zipped up to form a pillow, while some are designed to cover the pet’s body.


  • Plain Color

There are many different colors for premium pet blankets, some come in solid while other designs comes in hues.

  • Printed

The printed designs are now becoming famous as it features the actual face of the pet. It may come in two printed design, one big picture featuring the face of the pet, or multiple pictures of the pet scattered on the blanket. Other designs may include a cartoon version or an anime rendition of the face of the pet. 


  • Indoor

Pet blankets may be placed on the couch, near the fireplace, or on the bedroom nook of the pet.

  • Outdoor

The premium blanket may be used in outdoor events such as camping, lounging around, and parties.


  • Fleece

Fleece blankets are too soft, warm, and fuzzy covering providing comfort to pets. Blankets made from fleece are durable and moisture resistant.

  • Polyester Sherpa

This synthetic material is easy to clean and can insulate better without the weight or bulk. Premium pet blankets made from polyester Sherpa is less expensive and mimics the bumpy texture of sheep’s wool.

  • Waterproof

This premium pet blanket will protect the surface from accidental urine or the occasional drool. The blanket does not crinkle when being used and is very durable. It is available in different sizes and may be folded for easy storage and accessibility.

  • Reversible

Reversible pet blankets are now becoming a trend especially if it features two designs on the surface of the blanket. It is made up of soft flannel and is usually tear and scratch-resistant. It is also warming, but breathable and lightweight.


Premium pet blankets are machine washed in cold water with similar-colored garments. The cycle should be mild or gentle. It is best to hang dry or tumble dry on low settings. It is not recommended to use bleach or dry cleaning. 

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