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Best Outdoor Ottoman

Outdoor ottomans increase your seating options. They come in various styles from cozy to minimalist and casual to formal. Finding the right ottoman makes your outdoor space one that you and your pet will want to spend time in. 

Destin Benoit, former special forces canine handler, says, “Making your patio, deck or balcony a place where you and your pet can find solace and relaxation. It is good for both of you, and improves your ability to let your guard down and bond.”

Best Outdoor Ottoman

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How to Find The Best Outdoor Ottoman For Your dog

Tips for Buying Your Outdoor Ottoman

Everybody wants to relax and socialize outside their home. 

However, in our current situation, staying at home is the least we can do. If you have a deck or patio at home, you can sit back in comfort and style with an outdoor ottoman while reading a book and savoring your favorite drink.

Ottomans are fun, functional furniture pieces commonly found in the living room. Basically, they consist of a padded cushion, usually on top of a wooden frame to rest your feet. There are countless variations of these upholstered chairs.

Benefits of Outdoor Ottoman:

  • Shared Space Seating

Ottomans are a perfect idea for residential homes, apartments and more that share seating with multiple areas and open floor plan homes. For instance, open concept living and family room models can have only one seating area. 

Ottomans offer mobility options to attach seats to the shared space. When pressed against a pillow wall, they can even turn into a sofa.

  • Foot Rest

An ottoman’s original purpose is to put your feet on them, and this trademark will never change. If your chair has a backrest that supports your back, you have an ottoman that can support your feet too.

  • Storage

There is a need for storage of small items in every living room or outdoor area. Whether it’s a remote control, game controller, magazines, or photo albums, it can work. Ottomans with hinged tops are the best handy storage for outdoor purposes.

  • Aesthetics

The shapes and geometric configurations make many ottoman varieties fun and visually appealing. 

Consider ottomans that, when put together, form shapes or patterns, and when the pieces are separated, they can make multiple equal seating wedges. From circles to other forms, ottomans will definitely spruce up your patio.

  • Children-Friendly and Pet-Friendly 

Ottomans with child-friendly and pet-friendly fabrics such as denim or tweed are widely available on the market. Whether it’s for playing or chilling with your kid or pet, you can find one that suits their size so they will feel relaxed and safe at the same time!

Types of Outdoor Ottomans

  • Storage Ottomans

For the basics, you have the option of convenient ottoman storage. The hinged and removable lids open to expose a spot for books, toys, magazines or other personal items you want to keep on the porch, but also want to store them discreetly when not in use. 

  • Ottoman Coffee Table

The first thing you will note about a coffee table ottoman is strong padding. Such innovative style combinations also referred to as a cocktail ottoman, come in leather, chenille, microfiber, and other fabrics made with various designs.

  • Sleeper

Consider buying an ottoman sleeper if you need a portable bedding solution for occasional guests at home. Do you want to take a nap outside with your dog or lull your baby for a while? This is a great option to try. The handy bed ottoman isn’t just comfortable and unassuming when down; the convertible feature wows any person fortunate enough to enjoy it.

  • Glider

You may want to buy a glider ottoman for the rocking chairs and recliners without foot support. Gliders make great nursery furniture and continue to be a huge hit with kids as they grow up. You can also spend more time with your pet here too! 

  • Table and Tray

At the other end of the spectrum, tray ottomans give you customized furniture to any seat in the room. Versatile, compact and detachable, you can use your ottoman tray as a laptop or bedside breakfast stand.

Things to Consider in Buying Outdoor Ottomans

  • Size

It is important to note, as with any home decor product, that what looks fit in a living room will not always fit in your outdoor area. Be sure to shop with a tape measure and take note of your ideal ottoman’s dimensions, so that you don’t need to go back for a replacement anymore.

  • Durability

The last thing anyone needs is to see a piece of furniture crumble under them. Hence, take note of an ottoman’s craftsmanship before purchasing it. Don’t be afraid to examine the bottom of an ottoman to make sure the joints are sturdy and well-constructed. If you’re buying at a physical retail store, don’t hesitate to try it out.

  • Shape

An ottoman’s shape will significantly impact a space’s aesthetics. A large square ottoman, for example can become a prominent feature, doubling as a coffee table displaying beautiful trays and decorative accessories. On the other hand, a tall cylinder-like ottoman will add a more contemporary look to an outdoor space and offer a sense of modern sophistication. 

  • Fabric

Ottomans are well-loved and well-manufactured, so choosing the best fabric is a significant factor. 

Pets such as dogs need a sturdy stain-resistant fabric. Infants and toddlers will need it too.

You can try buying a slipcover for quick washing. Choose leather for a masculine look; seek a soft floral design for something more feminine, or buy antique fabric and reupholstery.

Ottomans are elegant pieces of furniture that can add an interesting touch to your outdoor space. Aside from the shape, design and other visual elements, ensure that it can make you feel comfortable. Given that you surely have Fido at home, these upholstered chairs should be pet-friendly as well.

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