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For dogs who pull a lot or who can’t have a traditional collar, a harness is a great option. No-pull harnesses make it easier to control your dog, and they provide a great alternative to a collar.

If you are in search of a no-pull harness, you’ve come to the right place! Here at DogGear, we typically classify dog sizes by their weight.

Now that you know your dog’s size by our standards, keep reading to find the best choice for your pup! Our selections for small dogs are first, and our choices for larger dogs are further down the page. You might also want to try our quiz for a more personalized recommendation.

Most people use a harness for dogs that pull too much. I like to use a K9 harness for conditioning. I really like Ruffwear harnesses and personally have a few of them. I use this harness on my German Shepherd to pull my neighbor’s kid around in a wagon, and I have the harness with saddlebags so my dog can carry his own water when we go hiking. Ruffwear harnesses are made from high-quality material and last a long time.

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Best No-Pull Dog Harness for Dogs

Best No-Pull Harnesses for Small Dogs

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Best No-Pull Harnesses for Medium Dogs

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DogGear Philosophy

Finding the best option for walking your dog can be a process – there are so many options for collars and harnesses out there! The DogGear team is committed to helping you find the best choices for your pup, and we hope this gives you a great place to start!

Learn more below about how to find the best no-pull dog harness for your pup.

If you want your pet to be as healthy and happy as possible, then you’ll need to make sure that he is getting plenty of exercise. What’s the easiest way to ensure your pup is getting the exercise he needs? Walks, of course! Regular walks will help to build your pup’s muscle tone, strengthen his joints and muscles, and maintain his body weight. Plus, walks are a great way to keep your pup mentally stimulated and help him let out his pent-up energy.

But for some dogs, walks can be a huge hassle. They get distracted by every scent they pick up or animal that they see and pull so hard that instead of their owner walking them, they are walking their owners!

If your pup pulls more than he walks, you probably dread the idea of taking him for a walk. There’s a way that you can make walks easier, more enjoyable, and safer for both of you. How? With a no-pull harness!

As the name suggests, a no-pull harness is designed to reduce pulling behaviors. These harnesses fit around your dog’s torso and can clip around the front of your pup near his chest. If your dog is a puller, you should ditch the leash and consider a no-pull harness instead. Here’s a look at some of the benefits that you’ll both be able to take advantage of with this piece of DogGear:

  • Reduced pulling. Obviously, the biggest benefit of walking your dog on a no-pull harness is that he’ll pull less. These harnesses place the pressure of the leash around the chest or the body, which encourages him to pull back instead of forward, like he would with a standard harness or collar.
  • More control. Less pulling means more control. Even small dogs can be incredibly powerful when they are pulling on a leash. When pulling is eliminated, you’ll have a lot more control over your pooch, which will lead to increased safety for him, you, and anyone you come in contact with.
  • Increased comfort. Pulling on a leash or a harness can cause serious discomfort for your dog. It can cause muscle strain and can potentially damage his neck and shoulders. By walking your furry friend on a no-pull harness, the strain will be reduced and he will be a lot more comfortable.

Walking your pup on a no-pull harness will make those regular walks a lot more enjoyable for everyone!

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